1. Heart Adjustable Ring Tutorial G4

In this joint project of Grace Zarfati and XQDesigns you’ll learn 2 variations of the heart design using simple wire manipulation techniques that’s easy, even for beginners, especially, those who are just starting and learning how to make wire jewelry with wire wrapping, wire manipulation and making loops. Expert jewelry makers will also love to make this ring because it’s too cute and irresistible, not to try it out. You’ll be amazed with what you can do with wire manipulation.

Heart Adjustable Ring Tutorial



2. Wire Crochet Pendant Tutorial L1

This is an interesting wire jewelry project that introduce you to crocheting with wire. You do not need to have prior knowledge about crocheting as this tutorial shows you detailed step by step guides to make this beautiful pendant. Crocheting with wire has a different feel compared to normal yarn crochet but one can easily create jewelries without the need to master the art of crochet itself.

Wire Crochet Pendant Tutorial






3. Beaded Heart Beading/Jewelry Making Pattern l2

This Beaded Heart is created using RAW or right angle weaving techniques using 2 needles. When finished, you can use it as a charm or pendant and XQDesigns have carefully prepared, in details this beading pattern.

FREE - Beaded Heart Beading/Jewelry Making Pattern



4. Black Swan Necklace Jewelry Making Tutorial T118B

Made from black pearls and faceted crystals, the elegant Black Swan Necklace is created by continuously weaving in reverse patterns using 2 needles and beadweaving technique similar to RAW, you’ll be able to create the necklace in different colors. The pattern for the necklace can also be used on different sizes of beads. Elegant-looking, you can wear the necklace on formal occasions.

FREE - Black Swan Necklace Jewelry Making Tutorial T118B






5. Elven Chain Maille Bracelet Jewelry Making Tutorial T114

Here’s a beautiful chain maille bracelet that can be worn by women of all ages. The design for this type of chain maille is called elvenmaille; thus, we called it the Elven Chain Maille Bracelet. With only jump rings, either made from gold, copper or non-tarnish stainless steel jump rings you can create this chain maille, even if you’re a beginner. The design may seem difficult but it’s actually easy. The elven chain maille technique is just to keep adding jump rings following only one pattern. Learning the elven chain maille technique you can even make this bracelet wider and you can create it in different colors too.

Elven Chain Maille Bracelet Jewelry Making Tutorial T114



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