1. Round Wire Jewelry
This tutorial shows step by step guides in making this wire jewelry designs. The tutorial centered around making the round armature and turn it into earrings and pendant. The tutorial provides tips of some fundamentals on wire jewelry that covers
– Making round shape
– Making jump rings
– Attaching beads onto the links
– Wire wrapping
– Making necklace using beaded loops
Comes with 44 step by step guides in 33 pages, it is easy to follow even for a beginner. This tutorial will be delivered in PDF format.

2. Cross Wired Pendant
This tutorial shows how to make a cross pendant using wires and pearls. It covers:
– Construction of a frame with flowerly loops
– Wire wrapping
– Attaching pearls onto the cross.
Level: It is suitable for intermediate students. However, with the detailed step by step guides, a beginner is also able to follow through.

3. Coiled Jump Ring Bracelet
Ever wonder how to turn wire into beautiful bracelet? This tutorial shows exactly how to do this! This design requires only basic materials ie copper wires and some beads. By learning how to coil wire and make rings, you will be able to come up with your own variation of designs!


4. Make Golden Flowers Pendant
Learn how to make this beautiful flower pendant using Swarovski crystals and Japanese seed beads through this pictorial step by step tutorial. It is easy to follow. This tutorial demonstrates bead weaving using double needles. By learning the basic, you can make variations to the design.

5. Boracay Palms Necklace
The Name Boracay (Palms) is taken from the most popular beach resort in the Philippines. With strands in color green, the word Palms was added because it’s somehow similar to the palm leaves. This tribal looking necklace is created using macramé techniques such as mounting knots, overhand knots, double overhand knots and right half knots. Not only you will have a beautiful necklace but with this tutorial you’ll also learn these mentioned macramé techniques. Jewelry Designer Naz Garces added seed beads and glass beads that added texture on the necklace’s strands that’s perfect wearing at beach parties.

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