issue 33




1. Woven Cuff Bracelet K8

Bangles are a big thing, especially in the summer, but not everyone likes the feel of a hard bangle but enjoys the look of one on their wrist. I prefer a bracelet closer to my wrist than what a normal bangle would afford me, I work in a place where it can get too easily caught on something and so a woven cuff provides me with the perfect solution. Wide bangle look without the worry of snagging.



2. Star Ring K9

After having found a way to make stars with larger beads I thought to myself on how to make a ring with stars. I didn’t originally think of multiple stars in one ring, believing that making one star and then a ring band would suffice but when I saw how small the star was, regardless of size of beads I then wondered if I could make a continual ring of stars. From the ring spawned the bracelet, enjoy!



3. Embellished Puffy Bracelet K10

I absolutely love designs that look intricate but are simple in design. This bracelet has a narrow cuff design but is embellished to look intricate and sophisticated. It combines both a square look and circular weave to it, making it suitable for any affair.



4. Cielo de Perlas l51

Pearls are elegant and it gives us a feeling of richness. Pearls never go out of style so here’s a necklace where you’ll feel you’re in a heaven of pearls when worn. Cielo in Spanish means heaven and that is how I came up with the name Cielo de Perlas.



5. Ebony & Ivory Bracelet l52

Weaving with shaped beads and 2-holed beads is fun. You can form them into different shapes, such as diamonds like what we showed in this tutorial. Using Herringbone Stitch you can weave brick beads and create a diamond shape. Since the center of the diamond is flat, it is a nice base for embellishments and layering. Consider one diamond as a component that you can also use as earrings. Black and white is a matching color. Add a dash of bronze to give your Ebony & Ivory bracelet a flare.



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