1. Byzantine Flower Helm Chain Maille Jewelry Making Tutorial l12


With my passion of trying to learn chain maille I wanted to show and share it to everyone who’s a chain maille enthusiast like me. With this tutorial you’ll learn 2 chain maille patterns that you can combine and make exciting chain maille jewelries.

The pendants are created with the Helm Pattern where I created a Flower Helm. You can use it as earrings, charms and pendants while the necklace itself is created using Byzantine Pattern than you can turn into bracelets, and necklaces, and many other ways to use it.



2. Woven Dangling Pendant Wire Jewelry Tutorial T21


Learn how to make this classy looking pendant. This design requires only basic materials ie copper wires and some beads or gemstones. By learning this technique, you will be able to come up many variations of designs!



3. Three Way Wrap Around Ring Beading & Jewelry Making Tutorial K4


This is a great ring to wear for any occasion and can be created in many different colours as well as in three different styles. The original style is simple to create but is needed to create both the triple center variant and the double band variant I came up with after completing the original design. The triple center gives a sophisticated feel to the ring by just adding a few more beads while the double band gives it a more exotic look. All three variations are certain to call to the beader in you.



4. Wire Wrapped Sunburst Earrings Jewelry Making Tutorial E1


In this lesson, you will learn to create this pair of earrings by learning to construct the frame, wrapping/coiling the loops, attaching the beads and making a pair of ear wires.
The techniques you will learn creating this piece can also be used to create pendants. You can create variations by adding beads and embellishing the looped wires to make it more sparkly! You can make it more colorful by using color coated wires. Surely, this earring will make your day sparkly and sunny!



5. Infinity Bracelet Beading & Jewelry Making Tutorial l50


Here’s a simple, but unique and funky style beaded bracelet. Using 2-Drop Peyote Stitch beading technique you’ll learn how to create components in square shape. These components can be linked and using 2-Drop Ladder Stitch you’ll be able to link the components in different ways. Taught on this tutorial, you’ll learn the crisscross and linear way. The crisscross style will then add design to the bracelet that looks like an 8 shape or the infinity sign, thus; it is name, Infinity Bracelet.



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