1. Baseball Chandelier Earrings Beading & Jewelry Making Tutorial l49


Composed of several layers you will learn to weave going all the way around in counter-clockwise direction as you build up your beadwork. This beaded bead that looks like a baseball can be used in so many ways! One of which as to use them as dangles for chandelier earrings




2. Flower Bud Earrings Beading & Jewelry Making Tutorial l48

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication… these pair of earrings may be simple and not as flamboyant as some designs are, but they can be the perfect accessory to complete an elegant style. The tutorial will teach you how to bezel a cabochon using Right Angle Weave and Peyote Stitch. Learning how to bezel with the techniques in this tutorial can be your starting in exploring various bezeled designs.




3. Caterpillar Bracelet Beading & Jewelry Making Tutorial l47

This tutorial will teach you Cubic Right Angle Weave. This stitch is a variation of Flat Right Angle Weave. Learning Cubic Right Angle will give you other options to create a bracelet and a necklace. Playing with different color pattens you can create so many variations that can either be elegant or fun and vibrant!




4. Twin Rigate Beaded Ring Beading & Jewelry Making Tutorial l46

Learn to create a ring, designed with pointed edges that wraps your finger when wearing it. It actually feels comfortable on your finger. Using only a minimum of 3 colors of seed beads,  the ring’s pattern of colors is showing from light to dark. You can also play with colors and make a ring that will match every outfit. Measuring approximately 1.70 inches long and .70 inches wide, you can finish the ring within an hour.




5. The Beaded Trellis Bracelet Beading & Jewelry Making Tutorial l37

Learn how to do Right Angle Weave technique with Twin Beads and create a trellis inspired bracelet!

 The twin beads are positioned forming a square that looked like a trellis. Each square is embellished with yellow and bronze seed beads, as if fresh flowers are hanging from the trellis. On the tutorial, we finished the bracelet with a beaded toggle clasp.




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