1. Coiled Wire Bangle l9

Let’s play with some wires and explore making wire jewellery! With this tutorial you will learn the coiling technique without using any special tool. Coiling technique can be used on various designs and can even be used on beaded jewelries. You can make lots of variations from coiling wires. This coiled bangle is a great starter if you’re a beginner in making wire jewelry. Have fun!

l9 Coiled Wire Bangle Tutorial 2


2.  Crisscross Wire Beaded Bangle T170

One popular hair style for little girls is the braided hair. I know you use to braid your hair when you were kids and I bet now you braid your little girl’s hair. Let’s use that braiding technique and apply it on making jewelry! In this tutorial you’ll learn how to braid or weave wires covered with seed beads. When finished, the bangle will create wavy colorful beads, crisscrossing each other.


3.  Oh, Christmas Tree Bracelet l35

In this tutorial, you will learn basic Square Stitch. The basic Square Stitch will be thought in diagrams and then immediately, hone your Square Stitch skills by creating the “Oh, Christmas Tree Bracelet.”


4. Tropical Forest Bracelet T174

Here is a nature-inspired beaded bracelet! Learn to create the bracelet with crisscrossing technique. With the perfect combination of purple, pink and green these crystals looks like the colorful tropical fruits and leaves, hanging from a vine of bronze seed beads. As you create the bracelet you are like creating a garland or vines of fruits in the forest.


5. Midnight Mystique Bracelet and Earrings l28

Here’s an elegant piece that you can wear at evening parties and formal occasions. The peach color of the pearls makes the piece look subtle. The bronze adds sparkle while the black makes the piece mysterious and mystical, thus; the name Midnight Mystique is just perfect.


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