1. Shining Star Earrings Wire Jewelry Making Tutorial T124

Here is an earring design that has no limits. You can make the earring frame as big as you want and use any size of bicones or beads you prefer. The tutorial will teach how to wire wrap, an essential and most used wire work technique in making wire jewelries. You’ll also learn a variation of wire wrapping with beads and/or bicones.

For tutorial purposes, the size of the earrings showed in this tutorial is about 1 inch in diameter and used at least 10 x 4mm bicone crystals. This tutorial is suitable for beginner and intermediate level.


Shining Star Earrings Wire Jewelry Making Tutorial T124



2. Sun Burst Bangle Wire Jewelry Making Tutorial T106

Another wire work jewelry from XQDesigns. This piece has many inspirations. Embellished with an oval bead it can look like a flower with seeds. With its spiraled ends it can mimic the rays of the sun and because of the swirls it can also be called a twister. The chosen name for the bangle was based on suggestion of Little Everyday Creation who admires wire work jewelry and an artisan herself.

Creating the bracelet involves wire wrapping and a bit of herringbone wire weaving techniques. This tutorial is suited for intermediate to advance level.


Sun Burst Bangle Wire Jewelry Tutorial






3. Elegant Black Sunflower Pendant Jewelry Making Tutorial T118A

Who says flowers can only be in vibrant colors? Well, here is a sunflower that looks elegant in black, the Black Sunflower Pendant. This pendant is originally made for the Black Swan Necklace, but you can also use any color of beads you like. The seed beads and bicone crystals surrounding the big pearl were weaved using RAW or right angle weaving technique from start to finish. No other weaving technique has been used, tricky though on how to attach the pearl at the middle. At first, the pendant looks, flat but the bicones surrounding the pearl gives that uneven texture on the pendant.

Playing with your imagination and creativity, you can also use the Elegant Black Sunflower Pendant as earrings. A suggestion we could give, you can use a different color of pearl to spice, if you prefer. Remember, there may be many variations depending on the use of colors. We have also included the Black Swan Necklace Jewelry Making Tutorial at the Appendix.


Elegant Black Sunflower Pendant Jewelry Making Tutorial T118A



4. Snowflakes Beaded Ring Jewelry Making Tutorial l3

Christmas is just around the corner and snow will soon be coming – here is a beadweaved ring that is fit for the coming Holiday Season, the Snowflakes Beaded Ring.

Looking closely at the ring with little spikes at the edges weaved combining RAW and freestyle technique it resembles the shape of a snowflake. Made from bicone crystals and seed beads, you can wear this beaded ring at any occasion, parties and events or anytime you just want to be funky and stylish. Using both ends of the nylon thread going crisscross, you’ll be able to finish the Snowflakes Beaded Ring in just minutes, fun and easy to make that’s fit even for beginners.


Snowflakes Beaded Ring Beading/Jewelry Making Pattern I3






5. Double Persian Star Chain Bracelet T113

Double Persian Star Chain Bracelet Jewelry Making Tutorial is a variation of the Persian Star Chain Bracelet. This design of chain maille bracelet is so simple to make. Just create two Persian Star Chain Bracelets, link them together and create a double chain. Procedures are similar, but in this tutorial you will be taught how to link two Persian Star chain bracelets. If you use your imagination, you can create as many Persian Star chains and link them all together into one bracelet.


Double Persian Star Chain Bracelet T113



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