1. Peacock Wire Bangle Jewelry Making Tutorial 105

Another exciting tutorial from XQDesigns using wirework skills…just like a peacock, this bangle has its tail spread out, showing its elegance and beauty while wearing it on your wrist. Its feathers glitters with colorful beads and the bangle, fitting your wrist intricately wrapped adding texture and design. Creating the bangle involves wire wrapping and coiling techniques suited for intermediate level. Have fun following this tutorial.



2. Wire Beaded Rose Jewelry Making Tutorial T102

This beautiful ring mimics the shape of a rose or flower, with woven beads that adds texture and glitter covering the petals. Using different colors of seed beads, you can create an array of wired beaded rose that can be worn to complement every outfit and every season. For the focal bead, you can also use any size of bead you like. In this tutorial, we used a flower shaped bead. When finished, the woven beaded petals measures 12.5cm each. Creating this piece uses wire work techniques and is suited for beginner to intermediate level, so easy and fun to make.



3. Free Form Wired Bangle With Spirals T76

This is an interesting wire jewelry project. Using wires and some beads, you can turn, twist and come up with wonderful designs. This tutorial shows you pictorial step by step guides to twist the wires and come up with a wonderful wired bangle. You would be able to come up with your own variations after this tutorial.



4. The Bell T73

This design is what I called ‘The Bell’. The pair of earrings also looks like 2 girls dancing with their beautiful dresses. Comes in 19 steps in 11 pages, the tutorial is designed for someone with some basic wireworks knowledge.






5. Cross Pendant Using Chain Maille Technique T87

Another cross pendant design from XQ Design. This time round I am using chain maille techniques. To be specific, the design is based on full Persian weave. The weave is applied commonly in bracelet and necklace.

This tutorial will show you with detailed pictorial step by step guides. Step 1 to step 9 will show you the basic of making full persian weave and the subsequent steps will show you how to make the cross. The cross is using stainless steel rings with diameter of 8cm. For beginner, I would suggest that you practice the weave using bigger rings. This is one of the harder weaves to understand at first, but it gets easier.



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