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Beading Jewelry Making Tutorials


1. Bead Wrapped Pearl Ring l36

Learn to weave Square Stitch using Twin Beads and use it to wrap a pearl or a big bead! This is a simple tutorial how to bead wrap for those who are not yet familiar with bezeling. With this beading idea, you can turn your bead wrap component into a ring or earrings. What’s perfect is that the tutorial can work on any size of pearls or bead, big or small!





2. Christmas Parol Earrings l34

Parol is a Christmas ornament found in the Philippines. They are shaped like big stars, believed to be the Star of Bethlehem which guided the 3 kings with its long tail of rays as they travel to Jerusalem to witness the birth of Christ.


Hanging a Christmas Parol signifies that Christmas season is coming. Also called “Lantern or Christmas Star” these beaded earrings is created using Brickstitch technique.


Creating the earrings will help beginners and intermediate to hone Increase and Decrease Brickstitch skills as you weave the earrings into a big diamond-like  or star-like shape figure. The dangling bugles served as the stars’ rays.




3. Flower Girls Bracelet T165

Strew flowers on your sweet little girls by making her the Flower Girls Bracelet!


In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create flowers and then link them together with gold seed beads that we’d like to call, Golden Bridge. Through simple weaving techniques, it’s like you’re building a golden bridge and strewing colorful flowers on your path. Learning the technique of creating a flower, you can use the technique for making a single flower that you can use as earrings as well.




4. Christmas Wreath Bracelet l32

Here’s one inspired by a popular Christmas decor, the “Christmas Wreath.”


The bracelet is composed of circular components using Circular Flat Peyote Stitch, designed to look like a wreath.These wreath components are then linked to form a beautiful Christmas Wreath bracelet. Each wreath is linked by a shiny pearl, just like cherries that we sometimes see on Christmas wreath decors. Combining red, green and gold or bronze colors, surely this bracelet looks so festive and in time for Christmas!




5. Rose, rose I love you! T175

Here is a beaded rose, looking so dainty and sweet! You can use the beaded rose as a brooch or weave it and strung onto a necklace.


The tutorial will show you pictoral step by step. We have included arrows and instructions on the images.  Catered for advance students, if you’re a beginner you must at least have basic knowledge of weaving in circular direction.



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