issue 25 - 2


Beading Jewelry Making Tutorials


1. Twin Bead Ring l29

Here’s a ring that will complete your set of Midnight Mystique beaded jewelry. In this tutorial you’ll be exploring how to use twin beads to create a ring band. Incorporate some pearls and seed beads and you’ll be able to create a beautiful ring. Mix and match different colors of beads for different occasions.





2. Square Patch Beaded Ring l33

Here’s a variation of the Square Patch Bracelet wherein the square components are used to create a ring! In this tutorial, you’ll explore another possible way of using a square component by weaving them and linking side by side to form a ring band. Creating the square components uses Peyote Stitch and forming the patches into a ring band uses Ladder Stitch.





3.Daisy Wheel Component l27

The Daisy Wheel Component is a variation of the Iris Beaded Earrings wherein it is showing how you can create a circular component by completing the rounds for a Circular Brikstitch around a ring. With a finished size of approximately 47.23 in diameter, the component is perfect for creating pendants or as a part of the necklace itself like what is shown in this tutorial.  Using a smaller ring, you can also turn them into earrings or bracelet components.





4. Crystals & Pearls Cuff Bracelet  l30

Create a cuff bracelet inspired by crystals and pearls! In this tutorial, you’ll explore Right Angle Weaving Technique, and learn how to use,  and expand the technique in creating a cuff bracelet. You’ll have fun creating variations of cuff bracelets once  you learn the technique.






5. Amber Rays Earrings l24

I love the sun, especially the rays I see every morning. It makes my day bright, happy and alive. So did when I created this bezeled earrings. I wanted to make a pair of earrings that will mimic the sun rays. In creating the earrings you need a basic knowledge of Peyote Stitch and Right Angle Weave. All throughout the tutorial you’ll incorporate these 2 beading techniques. You’ll also learn how to make covers that you can use to cover your ear posts. You can apply the simple beading technique on all beaded dangling earrings you’d like to create.



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