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Wire Jewelry Making Tutorials


1. Chandelier Earrings l17

Wirework is a fun jewelry making technique. You can make loops, spirals, wrap, bend the wire and create stunning pieces of wire jewelry.

Here is a piece of jewelry where you’ll learn all these techniques and simply create an earring frame. You can make variations by using the same technique over and over again.



2. Drops of Honey Hoop Earrings T169

Hoop earrings never go out of style. Learn to make one for yourself and look as sweet as honey with Drops of Honey Hoop Earrings!

Drops of Honey Hoop Earrings tutorial will teach you how to create your own hoop earrings using simple wirework techniques. Wire wrapping is a popular wirework technique and this tutorial will teach you how to wire wrap with seed beads. With this particular design, it gives the freedom to choose how many seed beads you’d like to string and wrap. In creating the earrings there is no specific suggestion as to how many seed beads are needed to string and wrap. You may choose to string as many as you like. The number of seed beads stringed will increase the number of wraps and therefore, will create a different variation.


3. Rosy Dangling Earrings T164

Polish up your wirework skills! Learn to bead wrap and create tear drop shape earring frames. With this tutorial, you’ll get to use tear drops and glass pearl beads. You will also use flower clay beads and you’ll be surprised you’ll come up with a beautiful ear stud. This tutorial will also give you tips on using chains for making dangles.


 4. Grapes Twisted Bracelet T167

Here is another wire twisting tutorial where you’ll learn how to use the technique to create a wire bracelet. Manipulate the twisted wires and create little twigs and use purple beads that looks like clusters of grapes. Create variations, use other colors of beads, maybe red or orange and create strawberries and orange fruit clusters! 




5. Flower Cross Pendant T86

Cross is always a popular craft item! Since Christmas will be around the corner, why not learn how to make wired cross pendant. It can be a great gift for your loved ones!

The tutorial comes with detailed pictorial step by step guides. It covers basic to intermediate wireworks techniques such as making spirals, wire weaving and chain maille technique.



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