Beading Jewelry Making Tutorials


1. Rainbow Ring Beading Jewelry Making Tutorial T121

Want to make a colorful ring in just minutes? Here is a simple tutorial for a Rainbow Ring from XQDesigns. Simple it may look, but with this tutorial you will learn a helpful trick on how to surround a bead with smaller size beads that form nice circle around it. This trick can be applied to any size of beads and you can use it to create and design jewelry pieces. Have fun!




2. Peyote Beaded Ring Beading & Jewelry Making Tutorial l10

This is a project for beginners to intermediate who like to learn Flat Odd-Count Peyote Stitch. Peyote stitch is a versatile beadweaving technique and with flat odd-count or even-count Peyote you can create wonderful handmade jewelries.

With this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a Peyote pattern, how to easily start a Peyote Stitch, how to zip it or make the ends meets to form a circle or a ring. The pictoral step by step will help you go through each beadweaving to create a ring




3. Crisscross Beaded Bracelet Jewelry Making Tutorial T143
Figure 8 or right angle weave is one of the widely used beading techniques. Going in crisscross direction, like a number 8 you’ll be able to create an elegant bracelet such as the Crisscross Beaded Bracelet.

Suitable for intermediate as the design incorporates different shapes of beads and using callotes but even beginners can easily follow the pictoral step by step and create the bracelet in a variety of colors and sizes of beads. Put a dash of your own style and flavor to create your own version.





4. Pink Flower Pendant Jewelry Making Tutorial T144

Another right angle weaving technique tutorial for beading enthusiasts! Learn how to create a flower using the RAW technique while weaving in circular direction. You’ll also learn how to create a dangle or tail to add onto your flower shape pendant that will make the flower even more unique and beautiful. This additional tip will also be useful for other beading techniques and by playing with different sizes of beads; you can create your own variation of the necklace.


The tutorial is catered for intermediate to advance and one who has knowledge of right angle weave. It has in-depth instructions and ultra-clear, close-up photos at each step. Additionally, you can ask me question you have on the tutorial. No more getting stuck and frustrated on a confusing or just plain inaccurate pattern.





5. Circular Brick Stitch Jewelry Making Tutorial l5
Circular brick stitch is a fun and exciting beadweaving technique. You can come up with different designs and incorporate it with other beadweaving techniques. 


In this tutorial, we will teach you the basics of the circular brick stitch using a ring or earring frame, weaving back and forth while you make a pair of earrings. The tutorial will also give you tips on how to come down a step/bead, or 2 steps down, or more to create a variation of the circular brick stitch. The tutorial is suited for advance level, but confident beadweavers will also be able to follow through the pictoral step by step instructions. In case you don’t have a similar earring hoops used to create the Brick Stitch Earring, you will find a simple tutorial how to create earring hoops/frame at Appendix 1.



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