Wire Jewelry Making Tutorials


1. Classy Coiled Earrings Jewelry Making Tutorial T20

Learn how to make this pair of classy looking earrings. This design requires only basic materials ie copper wires and some beads. By learning this technique, you will be able to come up many variations of designs! This tutorial offers some good tips on wireworks for beginners!


2. Wire Capped and Wrapped Teardrop Turquoise Pendant T33

This tutorial shows pictorial step by step guides on how to make this wired capped Teardrop Turqouise pendant. Using wires, you can freely attach wrapped wires onto the design that make a simple design more outstanding!


3. Free Form Wired Bangle T40

This is an interesting wired jewelry project. Using wires and only few beads, you can turn and twist and come up with wonderful design. It shows you pictorial step by step to twist the wires and come up with a wonderful wired bracelet. You would be able to come up with your own variations after this tutorial.


4. Woven Uneven Heart Pendant T129

Love is in the air! Show your love to special people by giving a unique shape woven heart pendant. While all other heart shaped pieces has that perfect shape, this particular heart is uniquely and intentionally shaped uneven, perfect for hanging as charms and pendants. The tutorial will teach you simple wire manipulation, wire beadweaving and wire weaving that created the vein-like weave that covered the heart frame. Suitable for beginners, in less than an hour you’ll be able to make two woven uneven heart pendants.


5. Victorian Rose Earrings E2

In this tutorial, you will be learning how to make the teardrop shape wire frame & the twisted wire filigrees. You can apply these techniques to any shape & size of bead or cabochon. You can apply the technique to any bead/stone shape of your choice. Keep it plain & simple or embellish it with beads to make it more elegant. Make it into a pendant & wear it as a matching set.


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