Beading Jewelry Making Tutorials


1. Bead Weaving A Bracelet T11

Have difficulty understanding diagram? This lesson shows how to make a bracelet using bead weaving technique. It is easy to follow an\d suitable for novice to advance beginners as it uses pictorial step by step guides. There are total of 11 pages in this tutorial. 


2. Beaded Cat Hello Kitty Ring Tutorial T27

Does this beaded cat look like Hello Kitty? This creation has become one of my daughter’s favorite! The tutorial comes with both graphical bead pattern and pictorial step by step guides. So it is easy to follow even for a beginner. You can use this tutorial to run some beading workshops with kids. They will definitely love it!

This tutorial provides detailed graphical pattern for each steps. Pictorial steps by steps are provided to give better clarify of the steps supporting the graphical pattern. Most people will rely on the graphical pattern and skip the pictorial steps. However, for beginner you may prefer to use the pictorial steps to give you a head start in making the creation.


3. Delphinium Wired Ring Band T91

This beautiful creation is made of gemstones that formed the elegant flower inspired from Delphinium – a winter flower. The ring is made of copper wire threaded with seed beads. It is a simple to do project. This tutorial shows you detailed pictorial step by step guides by applying wirework techniques. You can also use the same techniques to make many other variations out of it! Explore and you will discover how fun it is



4. Star Pendant H2

This is a gorgeous and yet simple to create pendant. This tutorial is based on design by Hooi Meng, it is authored by Hooi Meng and edited by XQDesigns . You can play with your creativity by mixing and matching with different colors combination, or simply to match with your life style. It requires only simple tools and very economical to create this stylish pendant. The tutorial comes with pictorial step by step guides and explanation for each step. It is easy to follow up even for those who have not done beading before.



5. Dancing Bead Balls Necklace T141

I am eagerly waiting for Christmas to come. I imagine my house is decorated with discothèque lighting. I made this necklace that resembles the discotheque lightings. The beaded balls are made of colourful crystals. It looks lively and energetic. Of course, by learning the technique of making these beaded balls, you can apply different colour tones that create different feel. You can turn them into beautiful earrings or bracelet. There are unlimited variations of design you can make! The tutorial comes with both pictorial instructions as well as diagram to allow the beginners to follow and have fun making the necklace.



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