Different Shapes with AVA Beads

AVA beads as we all know is the creative mind of Gianna Zimmerman. AVA beads are made exclusively in the Czech Republic, created and taking the shape of a Chevron. With its three holes, it would allow you to make several and different ways to pass the thread so you can definitely think of numerous ways how to play and incorporate it into your beadwork.

With its straight edges, you can use AVA beads to make shapes, especially, a star shape like these earrings from Samantha of WescottJewelry.

AVA Beads is also perfect for biZUterie’s Tristan Pendant. Obviously, you can use AVA beads to make a triangular-shaped pendant.

…and take a look at Gianna Zimmerman’s “Ava goes…” Religious, which kinda looks perfect for a beaded cross.

Try and explore using AVA beads in your beading projects and share how you used AVA beads in our Facebook Group!

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