Different Macrame’ Knots for Jewelry Making

Using beads for jewelry is in itself a statement. However, employing certain macrame’ knots in arranging the beads could add accent and flavor to your jewelry.

There are a couple of macrame’ knot techniques that can be involved in jewelry making.  One of the easiest knots to tie is the overhand knot because it is just simply making a loop with both threads and passing one end of the thread inside the loop and then pulling both ends to tighten.

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Another knot technique that can be used is the surgeon’s knot.  This knot can be very tricky but can be very pretty as well.  The knot is made by putting the left thread over and around the right thread two times and then doing the opposite of putting the right thread over and around the left thread only once.  Similar to the overhand knot, this is pulled to tighten. The surgeon’s knot technique is normally used to fasten beads and jewelry.

macrame' knots
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One of the most common knot techniques used for hanging pendants of necklaces is Lark’s head. This is done by folding one length of the cord in half and passing the loop through a bead with a large hole. After which, the ends of the cord are passed through the loop and as with the other knot techniques, it needs to be pulled to tighten. The overhand knot is usually at both ends of the cord to finish the adjustable knot securely.

macrame' knots
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macrame' knots The half-hitch knot is used to design patterns using the beads by repeatedly doing the knot with beads already in the working thread.
macrame' knots Another common knot used in making beaded jewelry is the square knot.  It is done by simply bringing the left-hand thread over the right-hand thread and around it.  Then cross the right over the left while going through the loop and pulling to tighten.
macrame' knots There’s are a lot more macrame’ knot technique you can incorporate in your jewelry making. What’s nice about incorporating macrame’ knots is that it can lessen, if not eliminate the use of finishing findings such as cord ends, crimp beads and the likes and even the use of clasps. Using colorful macrame’ cords, the cord itself can stand out.

Happy jewelry making!