Different Clasp and Toggle Findings for Jewelry Making

Clasp and toggle findings play a very important role in jewelry making. Jewelry fasteners allow to secure your bracelets and necklaces properly. In choosing clasps and toggles you must consider, not only the design and material but the ease of using it as well. Some clasps are meant to be hidden while others can be a design element, too.

There are a variety of clasp and toggle findings to choose from. There are even special clasps meant for a specific material, like leather and cords, and wire. In order to create a piece of perfect jewelry, we must learn how to use the right jewelry fastener.

Let’s take a look at these common clasps and toggles you can use.

Toggle Clasp – possibly, the most popular type of clasp and most beadweaver use. One end of the clasp is “T” and the other is “O” shape. To fasten, the “T” part is slipped inside the “O.”

S Clasp – having the shape of a letter “S,” one end of the clasp is attached to the jewelry while the other end is used to hook onto a ring attached on the other end of the jewelry.

Lobster Clasp – shaped like a claw, this clasp has a spring that you easily slid into a ring. It will then spring back to close and secure.

Spring Clasp – another clasp with spring but unlike the lobster clasp, you need to pull a small lever to open it.

Barrel Clasp – shaped like a barrel. This clasp has screws but using this clasp may be quite difficult as you need both hands to screw and secure the lock.

Magnetic Clasp – probably the easiest to use among the clasp. This type has a magnet and sometimes even without hands, once the magnet meet, the jewelry will be secured

I’m sure there are many other clasps and toggle findings available in the market. Carefully choose what you think will work best with your next jewelry project!

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