Diana Todorova Dineva

My name is Diana Todorova Dineva and my brand is Garia Bijoux Handmade. I am a Bulgarian married and living in Italy for the past 15 years. I am thirty-nine years old and my professional qualification is in obstetrics. My studies and my work experience in obstetrics took place first in Bulgaria and later in Italy. In Bulgaria after graduation, I worked as a nurse in the surgery at the Sofia Hospital. In Italy, I passed an exam for my degree to match those in.

My passion in life has always been painting. I still paint on silk and lately, I’m dedicated to the abstract painting with acrylic colors. (At six years I started playing the accordion and for eight years I participated in many concerts both as a soloist and as a member of a twelve accordion orchestra. Also for music, I studied at the Art School, Philharmonic Section.) At fourteen, I started studying with a painter who also worked on ceramics. I worked with him several years and learned very beautiful techniques, for example how to mix ceramics with materials such as colored glass and silver wire, create semi-transparency and total transparency framed with ceramic or porcelain. Those were some very exciting years, during which I began to create bijou with colored ceramics, glass and silver wire. A few years ago I had two left arm operations that caused me to lose finger sensitivity. So to distract myself I started to make Bijoux. I used cold china, then the polymer clay, then the felt, the pressed glass beads, crystals, pearls, natural stones and everything from which you can make Bijoux, and I use different techniques. I am very proud of the fact that I had the unique experience of working with fashion designer Filippo Flocco.

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Diana Todorova Dineva is a Contributing Artist in DIY Jewelry Making Magazine

DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #57
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