Czech Triangle Beads Free Beading Tutorial

Today, we’re going to share to you a Czech Triangle Beads beading tutorial on how to make a pair of Bromelia Earrings, but first, let’s meet the designer.

Claudia Koolmees, from Netherlands has always been a crafty person. She started beading when she was 15 but did not pursue the craft due to lack of beading supplies in their town’s local craft store. A few years came and she finally re-discovered her love for beads and jewelry when she was introduced to glass-fusing. She got some Toho seed beads at a craft fair and started making beaded bezels. Since then she has never stopped creating.

Claudia hasn’t chosen a favorite beading technique because she likes all of them. But what she does love are crystals and with her Bromelia Earrings, she’ll show you how to bezel a crystal Rivoli with Czech Triangle Beads.

Step 1
Cut two armlengths of thread and add your needle. Leave a tail long enough to finish and weave in later. Refer to the picture below. Create the base of the earring using 11/0 seed beads and Triangle beads by sewing together the Triangles and adding three 11/0’s to the top and bottom. Make sure that the pointy bits of the triangles are all pointing in the same direction. Continue until you have a strip of 14 Triangle beads.

Step 2
Join the ends of the strip created in step 1 by going through the first Triangle bead and adding another three 11/0 seed beads. The result of this should be a (rather floppy – don’t worry, the next steps will sort this out) ring with the tops of the Triangles pointing outwards. Exit a group of three seed beads.

Step 3
Add a Superduo bead between each group of three 11/0 seed beads. Exiting a group of three seed beads, pick up a Superduo and go through the next group of 3 seed beads. Repeat this all the way round until you can go through the bottom hole of the first Superduo of this round again.

Step 4
Step up by going through the other (top) hole of the Superduo bead. This will cause you to have to continue in the opposite direction. Now, pick up one 11/0 seed bead and go through the top hole of the next Superduo.

Continue until you’re all the way round again. Exit the top hole of the Superduo you started this round with and tighten the thread. This will cause the Superduo beads to point inwards. The result is a nice, sturdy base.

Step 5
Weave your way to the front of the beadwork. Step down through the superduo, go through a group of three seed beads, through the Triangles and exit a group of three seed beads at the front. Now, 3mm bicones are added between the groups of three seed beads, just like you added the Superduo beads of step 3. Pick up a 3mm bicone, go through the next group of three seed beads, and repeat.

Step 6
Exit a group of three 11/0’s, pick up another three 11/0 seed beads and pass through the next group of seed beads. Repeat. This will form little three bead picots on top of the bicones. These tend to be stubborn and will want to point away from the middle so you might want to give them a little nudge to make them point the right way.

Step 7
Place the rivoli face up in the beadwork. Depending on your thread tension, the rivoli might sit more to the top or the bottom of the beadwork. If your tension was relatively low, it may sit a little deeper. Exiting the middle bead of one of the picots of the last step, pick up a 4mm bicone. Go through the middle bead of the next picot. Add a total of seven 4mm bicones.

To reinforce, go through this entire round again, and tighten. The rivoli will now be secured.

Step 8
Finish your beadwork by creating a beaded loop on the back to attach your findings to. You can use both thread ends for this. If your tail is on the back already, use that. Exit a group of three seed beads, pick up three or more seed beads and go through the adjacent group of three seed beads.

Step 9
Finish and weave in your thread ends. Add your jump rings and/or earring hooks

Your Bromelia Earrings is now finished! We hope you had fun following the tutorial.

Now, make your own Bromelia Earrings! Choose from a variety of colors of Czech Glass Triangle Beads!

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