Czech Beads Free Tutorial by Teresa Morse

There are lots of beautiful and amazing shapes of Czech beads and today, we’re going to create a bracelet with Superduo, O-beads, Silky beads and Kheops Par Puca beads!

czech beads

This gorgeously elegant bracelet designed by Teresa Morse will definitely look stunning in a variety of colours. Using a two-needle method it is made along its entire length.

czech beads

Kheops par Puca Beads. These triangle-shaped beads have two parallel holes which can make for intricate patterns when alternating their orientation.

czech beads

O beads are flattened ring Czech glass pressed beads that are top quality and a great way to add color and shine to your designs.

czech beads

Silky beads feature a diamond shape with two stringing holes running through the shape. The front of each bead displays a grooved surface, which will add texture to your projects. The back of each bead is flat, so they will lay nicely in designs. These Czech glass beads are a great option for bead weaving, as they will add even more style to your jewelry designs. You can also use them in multi-strand projects. They’re sure to enhance your bead patterns.

czech beads

These Czech glass beads are pressed for a uniform shape and size with a tapered design. The profile of the SuperDuo is much like an inverted hourglass, tapering at the ends and widening in the middle, and create a “honeycombed” or diamond pattern when stacked together. You can create beautiful textures with the multitude of colors available

czech beads

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