Crescent Beads “Zeta” Bracelet Tutorial

From the CzechMates Dimensional Beading System, these Czech pressed glass beads, have a uniform curved crescent shape. Their large hole size to bead size ratio makes them recommended for consistent bead weaving textures and multiple passes of fine beading thread, such as Fireline, Power Pro, KO Thread and Nymo. Create beautiful textures with the multitude of colors available.

Measurements: 10.25mm long, 4.5mm wide and 2.15mm thick (along the strings).

The two holes will accommodate wire or cord up to 20 gauge (0.812mm) thick and are about 3mm apart (from center to center). Quantity: 10 grams (approx 85 -95 beads, depending on the finish/coating).

AdivaJewels has created the bracelet with 25 steps and clear instructions on each photo using Crescent Beads. Creating the “Zeta” bracelet is like making a flower motif so you can also create earrings and necklaces by learning the “Zeta” bracelet.

The bracelet presented here has about 6.1 inches (15,5 cm) in length, without a clasp, but you can make it longer or shorter. One flower has about 1.1 inches (2,8 cm) in length. Allow 1 inch (2,5 cm) for the clasp.

“Zeta” Bracelet Beading Supplies


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