Creating Shapes with Cubic Right Angle Weave Beading Technique

Anybody who is a fan of Right Angle Weave has surely come across and has made its variation, Cubic Right Angle Weave or CRAW their favorite beading technique.

From afar and at a quick glance, cubic right angle weave beading technique can be mistaken as a Peyote Tube, especially if bead embellishments has been woven, covering the spaces in between the units of RAW. But looking closely, unlike a peyote tube the cubic right angle has sides, just like what a cube looks like. The top, bottom and all sides of the cube represent 1 unit of RAW and each unit is connected to each other.

Cubic Right Angle Weave is a sturdy structure of beadwork and suitable for creating necklaces and bangles, but what I really like about CRAW is the unlimited possibilities of building cubes and connecting the cubes to create different shapes. Squares, triangles, octagons, circles. Name it! With just a little imagination, you can create shapes with cubic right angle beading technique.

Honestly, I do really love Cubic Right Angle Weave and have created a few beading tutorials with the mentioned beading technique. Here’s one of my latest!

In this tutorial,  I created a figure 8 shape that resembles a drop bead. I embellished the figure 8 with pearls and a striking orange seedbeads and calls it, Pearl Drop Earrings.

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