Create Classic Handmade Jewelry with Pearls

The pearl, with its celestial glow and mystery, is the only gemstone formed within a living creature and throughout history has been a symbol of wealth and sophistication. Pearls are timeless. Pearls are classic. Pearls in general, are so versatile that you can use them with whatever outfit you wear so if you want a handmade jewelry that will never go out of style, go with something made from pearls.

Create your own timeless handmade jewelry with pearls! At Firemountain Gems, you can choose cultured freshwater pearl beads and glass pearl strands from generous selections of classic and designer colors. You’ll also find a limited selection of saltwater pearls.

Cultured Freshwater Pearls Cultured Freshwater Pearls are produced by the pearl oyster and the freshwater pearl mussel. They are rare, valuable and mostly can be found in the waters of Japan, China and South seas.

Swarovski Crystal Pearls Swarovski crystal pearl beads in classic organic shapes feature a lustrous surface of “nacre” applied to a solid crystal core. Shop by size, shape, and color and by color-themed assorted color packs–all at wholesale prices.

Glass Pearls Glass-based pearls are created with the elegant appearance of traditional pearls in mind. These faux pearls give jewelry designs finesse with a practical price tag. Size and shape may vary slightly and color may vary from dye lot to dye lot. Some strands may have slightly irregular shapes, sizes or minor surface blemishes.

Hemalyke Pearls Hemalyke™ beads are lightly magnetized. Best used with high-gauge Accu-Flex® beading wire to support the weight and drape of the beads. When layered or used in multi-strand designs, the beads attract each other to keep the strands close together. Colors, shapes and sizes may vary in each lot.

These materials are best to work with when making pearl handmade jewelry!

Silk Thread

Knotting Tools

Pearl Reamer

Happy jewelry making and ciao!

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