Clearance Sale on Jewelry Making Supplies

These jewelry-making supplies have got to go so there will be more room for new beads and products. With the Clearance Sale by Firemountain Gems, save up to 90% on beads, findings and more in your favorite materials and top-of-the-line brands like Swarovski® crystals.

1 Embellishment mix, multi-gemstone

Undrilled mini-chips for inlay and embellishment. Great for use on journals, pendants, belts, books or rings. Bond easily to most surfaces using E6000® adhesive for colorful highlights and effects. May include a few drilled chips. Materials can include autumn jasper, quartz crystal, lapis lazuli and more.

1 Bead mix, mother-of-pearl shell

Carved flowers can be top-drilled, center-drilled or undrilled. Colors can include purple, yellow, blue and more. Mother-of-pearl shell will vary in color from white to ivory in a variety of hues.

1 Bead, bamboo coral

These bamboo coral beads are permanently dyed a red color, resembling fine Italian red coral at a fraction of the cost.

1 Drop mix, laminated resin and nickel-finished brass

Economy laminated bead drops are sold in randomly assorted colors and sizes, full of color and fun to use! Sold per package of 10 drops.

 1  Bead mix, wood, mixed colors

An eco-friendly choice for jewelry designers, fast-growing Korean boxwood, a cultivated wood, was used to make these lightweight wood beads. The beads are painted to achieve the natural-look variance of light to dark. Colors can include light brown, brown, dark brown, natural and black. Colors, shapes and sizes may vary in each lot. Bead counts are approximate.

1 Focal mix, agate

Just For Fun! Assorted agate rings are perfect for impulse buys at fairs and flea markets, party favors and countertop sales. Also great for use as a jewelry design component.

1 Bead, Dione®, cat’s eye glass and silver-finished brass grommets

Dione® large-hole beads are ideal for customized bracelets and necklaces and slide easily over cord and chain. Designed with cat’s eye glass and silver-finished brass grommets, each bead has a 4.5mm to 5mm hole. Cat’s eye glass is a manmade fiber optic glass that refracts light in a way reminiscent of the oblong center of a cat’s eye. This center appearance of movement is caused by chatoyance, which is defined as changeable luster or shine. Beads are machine-cut for consistency in size and shape. Colors may vary.


Happy jewelry making!

August 2, 2017

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