Claudia Koolmees

Hi everyone, my name is Claudia Koolmees. 28 years ago I was born in The Netherlands. I have always been a crafty person. I had a short beading period when I was about 15 years old, but at that time, the supplies at my local craft store were pretty much limited to poor quality seed beads, plastic pearls and maybe some firepolished beads if you were lucky.

I re-discovered my love for beads and jewelry a couple of years ago, when I was introduced to glass-fusing and wanted a way to make my home made glass cabochons wearable, other than just glueing a bail to them. I got some Toho seed beads and other supplies at a craft fair, started making beaded bezels and have not stopped beading since!

With all those lovely different beading techniques and beads out there, it’s hard to pick a favourite. I do love crystals though, and whether I do bead embroidery or a Cellini spiral, it’s hard not to add a crystal every here and there.

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