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How to Make Wire Jewelry Earrings

They say horseshoe is for luck so here’s a pair of wire jewelry earrings, hoping will give you luck when it comes to fashion! Creating the earrings will teach you how to shape wires, wrap and create ear studs. Step 1: Cut 7 inches 20ga wire. Using your round nose pliers bend the wire and […]

How to Make Jewelry with Wire Crochet Technique

Here is an interesting way how to make wire jewelry. This free tutorial introduces you to crocheting with wire. You do not need to have prior knowledge about crocheting as this tutorial shows you detailed step by step guides to make this beautiful pendant. Crocheting with wire has a different feel compared to normal yarn […]

Pendant Wire Jewelry Tutorial

This wire jewelry tutorial shows pictorial step by step guides on how to make a capped Teardrop Turquoise pendant. Using wires, you can freely attach wrapped wires onto the design that makes a simple design more outstanding! The techniques you will learn can be applied to any size and type of teardrop bead. Materials: 20 […]

Wire Jewelry Tutorial: How to make butterfly rings

Wire Jewelry Tutorial

This wire jewelry tutorial will you how to make a butterfly ring through detailed step by step pictorial guide. Just like real Butterflies, you can apply the techniques to come up with many variations of species, color, mood and look. I encourage you to explore and discover from this wonderful tutorial! Materials and Tools: 18 […]

Divine Pendant Wire & Jewelry Making Tutorial I87

Divine Pendant Wire & Jewelry Making Tutorial l87 Using a wigjig tool is so much fun! With the Divine Pendant Jewelry Making Tutorial you’ll learn how to create continuous teardrop shapes with wire embellished with pearls and then shaped into a triangle. The tutorial is suited for intermediate to advance level.  One must already know […]