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Wire Bracelet Making Jewelry Tutorial

Wear a bracelet that’s simple, yet elegant looking and something that can easily be created in different colors. The Florets Wire Bracelet Making jewelry tutorial is a where you’ll learn how to make a circle frame to house a round gem. The sides are wire wrapped pearls that created a flower and added that feminine […]

Wigjig Wire Heart Shape Tutorials

Perfect for beginners and/or just hobbyists creating wire heart shape with a wigjig tool is a fun experience. Aside from it is very easy to use, you can create lots and lots of shapes using your imagination placing the pegs onto the wigjig tool. Really, take it from someone who has used wigjig tool many times […]

Wire Jewelry Tutorial: Crisscross Earrings Making

Wire weaving is a fun technique. You can incorporate wire weaving on various wire jewelry designs or you choose to use it as your main design. In today’s wire jewelry tutorial, you’ll learn how to fold wires and create wire weaves, which you can then turn into various designs. This tutorial teaches the weave based on […]

Tools and Materials for Kumihimo Jewelry

Tools and Materials for Kumihimo Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry Club Get our Magazine Having trouble viewing this email? View it in your browser. Kumihimo is among the popular braiding art  that many jewelers are using to make stylish and unique jewelry. Kumihimo is an ancient art of braiding in Japan which means ‘ coming together of threads”. This stylish yet very simple […]