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Bugle Beads Beading Patterns and Tutorials DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #70

Bugle beads beading patterns and tutorials! In this issue, we’re bringing you jewelry designs using Bugle Beads! These cylindrical-shaped tube beads can work wonders as accent pieces you can use in bead weaving, stringing projects, bead embroidery and more. Probably, the only bead in jewelry making that is seldom used, but popular when it comes […]

Superduo Beads Beading Patterns and Tutorials DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #69

Exciting Superdou beads beading patterns and tutorials! Our favorite 2-hole beads are back! Probably, the first 2-hole bead most beaders and jewelry designers had, SuperDuo never fails to continue adding a splash of intricacy to any beaded jewelry design, even if many 2-hole beads have been manufactured and are now out in the market. Together […]

O-Beads Beading Patterns and Tutorials

O-beads beading patterns and tutorials! Level-up your beaded jewelry designs with O-beads! These unique beads are flat, donut-shaped seed beads that measure 1×3.8mm and have a 1.3mm hole. You can use O-beads as fringe, stack them as spacers  or even as links connected by jump rings. Incorporate them into your bead weaving, and so much […]

Arcos Beads Beading Patterns and Tutorials!

Arcos beads beading patterns and tutorials! Looking for new innovative designs and beads? You’ll love to use the Arcos par Puca beads! The Arcos beads features a crescent moon shape with 3 holes running through each bead, giving you endless bead weaving and stringing opportunities. You can also use Arcos in combination with 2 hole […]

Kheops Beads Beading Tutorials DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #66

Kheops beads beading tutorials! In this issue, we’ll be exploring triangular shaped 2-hole beads called, “Kheops par Puca beads.” Use these triangles in bead weaving for a unique look or add them to a stringing project. With its eye-catching shape and innovative design, surely Kheops par Puca beads will add contemporary beauty to any beaded […]

20 Strands Beaded Kumihimo Pattern: Burberry Style by Elena Komina

Burberry Style is now published as part of DIY Jewelry Making #62. This tutorial is written by one of our contributors – Elena Komina. In this tutorial, we will show how to create 20 strands beaded kumihimo pattern. For step by step instruction, do log in to our member area to follow this project. If you are not […]