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DIY Halloween Wire Jewelry Tutorial: Gothic Chandelier Earrings

Learn to create an all-black theme wire chandelier earrings. With this wire jewelry tutorial, you’ll learn wirework techniques such as creating loops with a wigjig tool, wire wrapping and creating dangles. You’ll create components that when constructed can turn into a chandelier earrings. Black is mysterious, black is elegant. Both mysterious and elegant is a […]

Free Basic Peyote Stitch Patterns and Beading Pattern Maker Tools

Peyote stitch is a wonderful beading technique. Its versatility can lead to various creations. Actually, Peyote stitch may be difficult at first, but if you know the basic, immediately you can do wonders with it. What I really like about Peyote stitch is that even with only seedbeads you can already create bracelet, earrings and rings. Now, […]

DIY Halloween Bat Pendant Wire Jewelry Making Tutorial

It’s black and orange time of year again! Halloween is near!!! The shops are filling with all the merchandise relevant to Halloween like witches, broomsticks, black cats, spiders, pumpkins and fake blood and gore! Moms and Dads are for sure are already imaging what Halloween costume their kids will wear. When it comes to fashion […]

DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #71 Tila Beads Beading Tutorials

Explore Tila beads beading tutorials In this issue, we’re bringing you the wonderful uses of Tila beads! Tila beads are flat, square shape with dual beading holes that are perfect for connecting or joining multiple strands of beads. They are also perfect as spacer bars, as embellishments and for creating checkerboard beading patterns. Available in […]