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Featured Czech Beads: Pellet Beads Beading Tutorial

Here’s something you can play with in making beaded jewelry – Czech Glass Pellet Beads! These small, cylindrical beads are slightly pinched in the middle. The stringing hole runs through the pinched middle, so these beads stack up nicely in designs and fit together well. These are excellent options for using with soutache cord. These […]

DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #81: Simple Classy Beaded Jewelry

Explore simple yet classy designs for beaded jewelry In this issue of DIY Jewelry Making Magazine, we are featuring 3 jewelry tutorials perfect for beginning students, but intermediate skilled will love as well. The designs in this issue are simple, yet classy and suitable for any occasion. Happy Jewelry Making! Wanna be part of DIY […]

Jewelry Making Tip: How I Start an Embroidered Bezel Cabochon

I’d like to share to you my own jewelry making technique of starting a beaded embroidery for bezeling cabochons. I’ve come up with this technique because I was always having problems on how many seedbeads should I sew onto the beaded foundation that would perfectly fit around a cabochon. In my experience, if I start […]