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DIY Kheops Beads Earrings Tutorial plus Free Bracelet Jewelry Making Kit

It’s time for some freebies on this lovely weekend Saturday! Today, you’ll be learning an earrings tutorial from DIY Jewelry Making Magazine Contributing Artist, Zsuzsanna Szilagyi. Owner of biZSUterie, Zsuzsanna Szilagyi is an avid beader and jewelry maker for 10 years now. From Budapest, Zsuzsanna moved to Slovak Republik where she found friends and make a living from […]

Kheops Beads Beading Tutorials DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #66

Kheops beads beading tutorials! In this issue, we’ll be exploring triangular shaped 2-hole beads called, “Kheops par Puca beads.” Use these triangles in bead weaving for a unique look or add them to a stringing project. With its eye-catching shape and innovative design, surely Kheops par Puca beads will add contemporary beauty to any beaded […]

FREE Beaded Ring Tutorial

I’m so happy when someone requested this free tutorial to be posted. I know the design is just simple but it would be helpful for those who are just beginning to explore beadweaving. This is the beaded ring I was talking about. I wrote an article about it and sharing a beaded ring fromNelkin Designs […]

Beading Supplies DIY Jewelry Making Online Shop

Sometimes we experience purchasing a jewelry making tutorial and then not knowing where to find the beading supplies required. Sure, there are so many online shops and maybe, a local store in your area that carries most of the beading supplies used for making beaded jewelry, but you have to spend some time to search and search and search. […]