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DIY Wedding Earrings: Orchid Earrings Tutorials

Weddings are special occasions and it’s just appropriate to wear something special as well. Today, we’ll be teaching you DIY wedding earrings that you can easily create. The Orchid Earrings is a design and tutorial created by Ulrike Gunther, an “ordinary” woman, wife and mother, who started beading in 2011 as a compensation for her job […]

Beading Tutorial: How to make a RAW beaded necklace and bracelet tutorial

With so many video tutorials from talented jewelry designers showing various techniques in jewelry making, which includes beading, wire work, polymer clay, stringing, rochet jewelry, chain maille, resin and various media, you’ll be interested and would want to learn all of them! You’ll also get great tips on different jewelry making ideas and create your […]

Steps How to Start a Home-based Jewelry Business

Hello, jewelry making enthusiasts! I found this interesting ebook on ‘How to Run a Home Based Jewelry Party Business for Fun and Profit – A Step-by-Step Action Plan for Building your Dream Business” by Lorri Ely.  Lorri Ely is a Jewelry Designer, Business Owner, and the creator of Several years ago, she stumbled almost by […]