Candy Cane Christmas Decor Beading Tutorial

Christmas is nearing every day! I’m sure some of you have started taking out their old Christmas decor, checking which one could still be used. Well, here’s a Christmas decor you can use for a very long time. It won’t look old unlike decors made from papercrafts. If it gets dirty, just wipe with a damp cloth. Pandahall created the tutorial and we’re sharing with you the Candy Cane Christmas Decor Beading Tutorial!

Make basic beaded candy cane ornament. 1st, according to the left diagram, make two “A” with 4mm transparent bicone crystal beads, 4mm red bicone crystal beads and 2mm white seed beads.

2nd, according to diagram B, connect two “A” together with transparent and red bicone crystal beads.

3rd, connect both sides of “B” with seed beads and bicone crystal beads, you will get the basic candy cane Christmas ornaments as the bottom right corner picture shows, at last, thread the wires to adjacent beads to fasten the beaded candy cane ornament, cut down excess wires.

Make a beaded bow with wire. 1st, cut off a 20cm copper wire; thread nine 4mm red faceted round crystal beads to the middle of the wire, cross both wires through a green crystal beads and tighten, then cross both wires through nine red beads and tighten;

2nd, thread the upper wire down through the green bead, add 6 red beads to left wire and thread to wire back through the last but one bead to the sixth last bead, after fixing the wire, cut down extra wire, do the same to the right wire.

Finish making candy cane Christmas ornaments. Connect the beaded bow to the candy cane with copper wire, then make a beaded loop to candy cane with white seed beads, at last, connect a black cord loop to the beaded candy cane ornament.

Now, make your own Candy Cane Christmas Decor! Shop for the materials now!

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