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I notice that bugle beads are not often used when making beaded jewelry. I don’t know why, but even I, myself, do not use bugle beads often. Maybe because I could seldom think of designs using bugle beads. But let us not forget about how wonderful bugle beads are.

Bugle beads are tiny tubular cut glass beads. There are a variety of colors available and sizes. In the old days, bugle beads are primarily used by dressmakers for dress embroidery. Today, they are now used for a variety of craft projects.

When it comes to jewelry making, bugle beads are great as spacers, for stringing and for making fringes. If you want to make tassels and dangling earrings, you can use bugle beads.

Need some inspiration using bugle beads? Try these tutorials that you can download for FREE!

The earrings tutorial is very detailed, easy to follow, step by step, with clear beading instructions and with colored photos of each step. Attach a jump ring to one earring and you will have a beautiful pendant.

Make your own Christmas earrings with this beaded Star Earrings tutorial. It’s the perfect Holiday pattern. Make a set, package in a cute box and create gifts that your friends and family will love! This beading tutorial can also be used to make DIY Christmas ornaments. String finished piece on a cord and hang on your tree or garland! Once completed, each earring will measure approximately 1.25 inches (3.2 cm).

A lovely bracelet made by Gianna Zimmerman. Created with bugle beads and chatons that make it look regal.

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