Bracelet Tutorial: Square Patch Bracelet

Learn how to create square components and turn them into a beautiful beaded bracelet. This bracelet tutorial will give you an idea of how you can use a simple square component by combining and attaching them so you can turn them into a beautiful beaded jewelry. You can also use the component as earrings or charms using Peyote Stitch and how to connect using Right Angle Weave. With only an arm span length of thread, you’ll be able to create and connect all 4 single squares. The tutorial is suitable for intermediate students or anyone who has basic knowledge of Right Angle Weave and Peyote Stitch.

Choose 2 tones of Toho seedbeads Jump rings  Beading Thread  Clasp

For easy reference on the color of beads, we will name the beads YG for yellow-green and DG for dark green. The number of beads to string will be indicated beside the capital letters ie 3YG; meaning; string 3 yellow greens.

Step 1: 1st RoundCut about 36 inches of beading thread. String 4DG and tie a knot, leaving about 4 to 5 inches tail. After tying a knot this is how it should look like. You have 1 unit of right angle weave. This will be your 1st round.
Step 2: 2nd Round
String 1YG. Going counter-clockwise pass the thread into the next DG and repeat 3 times. You now have your 2nd round. Take note that your thread is coming out of DG.
Pass the thread into the next YG so your thread is in a position to start the 3rd round.
Step 3: 3rd Round
Continue by stringing 2YG and perform a Peyote Stitch. Still going counter-clockwise, skip the next DG and pass the thread into YG. Continue with your Peyote Stitch until you finish the 3rd round.
After the 3rd round, your thread is now coming out of YG from the 2nd round. Position your thread for a 4th round by passing the thread into the next 2YG.
Step 4: 4th Round
String 2DG. Again, use Peyote Stitch and finish the 4th round.
Then position your thread for the 5th and final round.
Step 5 – 7: Final Round
String 1DG and pass the thread into the next DG. Pull the thread and you now have a corner bead.
Add the next corner beads by passing the thread into the next 3 beads. Repeat to finish the 5th round.
Step 8:
We are going to create the center to connect all 4 squares. Coming out a corner bead perform a right angle weave. String 3DG and pass again the thread into the corner bead.As you pull the thread continue to pass the thread into the 1st DG you just added. Now you have 1 unit of right angle weave.
Step 9:
Perform another right angle weave with 1DG, 1YG and 1DG. Continue to weave in clockwise direction until you come out YG.
Step 10:
Coming out of YG, string 4DG and perform a right angle weave but skipping YG. Pull the thread and you should have a unit of right angle weave beside YG.
Step 11:
Now stop for awhile and look closely at the units of right angle weave you just created following Step 9 and 10. Compare the units with the units of right angle weave from the completed square. You have the center part which is your 1st round and a corner. You then need to treat these units of right angle weave as a single square component.
Step 12:
Let’s continue…
You now have your 1st round. Repeat Step 2 and create your 2nd round but this time weave in clockwise direction. Begin by stringing 1YG (shown in circle) and pass the thread into the next DG. Repeat 2 more times .
Step 13:
To complete the 2nd round, coming out of DG pass the thread into the next YG.Now stop again for a while and look closely at your beadwork so you can understand where you’re at in creating the square component. You should exactly have what is shown in step 2.
Step 14:
Let’s again continue… Perform a Peyote Stitch. Weave your 3rd round by repeating Step 3.
Step 15:
Then repeat Step 4 for the 4th round.Remember, you already have 1 corner bead attached so you should skip adding a 2DG and just simply pass through the beads when you reach this corner. Now, repeat Step 5 for your final round, the corners.
Step 16:
Now you are through adding weaving your final round and you have your corner beads. Have your thread come out 1 side of the square, adjacent to the finished square component. Attach the new square component by passing the thread through the side beads from your 1st square component.Pull the thread and now the 2 squares will now lay side by side.
Step 17:
Going left, pass your thread through the corner and come out a DG. Your thread is now in a position to create another square component.Simply repeat Step 9 to 15 and create a 3rd and 4th square component then attach the squares by repeating Step 16. When you’re finished attaching the 4 squares pass back through several beads, tie a knot and cut off excess thread. You now have 1 big square component.
Step 18
Create several of these big square components. A 6.75-inch bracelet needs at least 5 big squares. To create the bracelet attach 1 corner with jump rings. One one end, attach a clasp. You’re done! You now have your Square Patch Bracelet!
bracelet tutorial

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