Beading Technique: Triangle Weave

Today, we’ll learn a beading technique, not often used but equally versatile as with the other popular beading techniques. Triangle Weave is a beading stitch consists of three sides. It is often seen on flower motif beaded jewelry. While threads are going in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions you can use the stitch and create a row of Triangle Weave or you can weave it in circular direction and make a beaded flower shape. How is it done? Let me try and show you how with these diagrams. I used bugle beads on the diagrams so you can clearly see the triangular shape.

beading technique Cut a few inches of thread. Leaving about 6-7 inches tail slide in your beads and going in clockwise direction following the arrows.
beading technique Then pass the thread twice onto each bead. On the diagram, you’ll see the 1st pass of thread in dotted lines and the 2nd pass of thread in full lines. This is your 1st triangle weave.
beading technique Make your 2nd triangle weave going in counter-clockwise direction. Slide in 2 beads and pass the thread following the arrows.
beading technique Pass the thread twice similar to what you did on your 1st triangle weave. Now you have your 2nd triangle weave.
beading technique To make a 3rd triangle weave you now bring your thread in clockwise direction. Repeating the same weaving pattern you can create a row of Triangle Weave.
beading technique To create a Circular Triangle Weave, create 2 triangles going upward starting with clockwise direction and then counter-clockwise.
beading technique Slide in 2 beads and weave going to your right in clockwise direction.
beading technique Repeat weaving counter-clockwise and clockwise while adding 2 beads until you complete a circle. That’s it! You’re done with your Circular Triangle Weave.

Now, try it and practice Triangle Weave beading technique with these free tutorials that I’ve gathered for you!

beading techniqueShiny Ribbon Necklace beading techniqueRainbow Triangle Weave Bracelet

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