Beading Supplies DIY Jewelry Making Online Shop

Sometimes we experience purchasing a jewelry making tutorial and then not knowing where to find the beading supplies required. Sure, there are so many online shops and maybe, a local store in your area that carries most of the beading supplies used for making beaded jewelry, but you have to spend some time to search and search and search. Let’s be honest. Searching online is tiring and sometimes frustrating, especially if you can’t find what you’re looking for. So, we’ve made improvements for our subscribers. You can now find jewelry supplies of projects taught in our library!

Our new beading supplies online shop is now linked to DIY Jewelry Making Magazine issues. All featured tutorials now have a page, dedicated to beading supplies needed that when clicked, it will directly lead you to the EXACT BEADING SUPPLIES page at our website. Just take a look at the “Asy” Earrings beading tutorial featured in our upcoming issue, DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #66.

For every tutorial featured in the magazine, you’ll have the EXACT beading supplies shop links so no more spending time searching and searching and searching! Now, you’ll have more time to create and bead!


Maybe you’re now wondering, what if I’m not a DIY Jewelry Making member or subscriber? No worries! Of course, you can still visit the beading supplies shop and look for other interesting materials and tools.

So, join our club! Have more time to create and bead!

Happy jewelry making!




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