Beading Project: The Chameleon Ring Jewelry Making Tutorial

Remember this?

Yup! This is our latest tutorial that we have published and today, I’d like to share to you a short tut how to create the ring!
First, I have at least an arm span of beading thread threaded into a beading needle. Passing my needle in clockwise and counter-clockwise direction, making some knots to secure the thread I had the threads circling my focal bead.

Then I created a layer of seed beads using the circular brick stitch technique.

I kept on adding a bead until I’ve gone around the focal bead and created 2 layers of brick stitch.

Now, this is the fun part! I decided to add a variety of beads in different sizes and with the same beadweaving technique I weaved a 3rd layer which created the ring’s design.

Lastly, I created a really simple ring band, but from here, you can make your own design of ring band.

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