Beading Project: Lacey Pearl Necklace


I’m happy to show you guys my latest creation!

I created the design combining brick stitch and netting techniques and named it, “Lacey Pearl Necklace” as the middle part of the necklace are weaved into a lace-like edges.

How to do it?
Here’s a quick tutorial how to create the necklace, showing 3 parts of the necklace.

The base of the necklace is brick stitch, weaved onto a memory wire. Aha! Surprise? Yes, it’s a memory wire!

Then I weaved the part where it created the lace-like edges…

…and with netting weaving technique I weaved the final part that I’d like to call fringes.

Putting it all together, you’ll have an elegant looking necklace!

It’s Friday today! Overnight you’ll be able to finish the necklace, just in time for your night out this weekend! Impress your friends, wear something new, wear something elegant and handcrafted by “you.”


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