See your jewelry making, pattern, tutorial and video published with your name at our Ipad Magazine – DIY Beading Lessons!


Simply contact us with your jewelry tutorial link, and a member of the editorial team will get back to you. We prefer tutorials with images or videos that show step by step jewelry making instructions.

The magazine is published through Apple’s Newsstand service offered to 67 million iPad users worldwide. DIY Beading Magazine is a new generation magazine developed specifically to take advantage of the iPad’s powerful digital media capabilities. The magazine is also distributed in PDF format in some digital marketplaces.

You will be given one full page author’s profile at the respective magazine issue.

Start Here:

  1. An intro + brief bio.
  2. What you can contribute to the digital and website? Pitch a few topics that would rock your socks to write about. Brag. Be loud. Be heard.
  3. Sample beading and jewelry making tutorials. Do your have other content pieces on a blog or can you write one for us?
  4. Where can you brag about your content? Facebook? Your website?
  5. Contact info: Name, Email, Website (not a must), Phone, and Address

Additional Requirements

  1. We really want to get the word and we hope you do too. You must be willing to post, like, tweet, share, pin, & comment on your stuff.
  2. Bring your inspiration, your divine communication, not your ego.
  3. Your content may be posted at the official channels belong to us, not just the magazine. (ie. website, social media, etc.)

You might submit your article by emailing us at or by filling up the form below.

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