Daisy Flower Spacer G2

A spacer bead is very important in every project, whether making a necklace or an earring. 
Jewelry Designer, Grace Zarfati created a wire spacer by simple techniques of coiling and formed it into a daisy-like flower,
thus, where the name Daisy Flower Spacer came from.  And with a little embellishment of beads, you can use the Daisy Flower Spacer
and create a whole new jewelry piece, such as earrings or pendants.
The tutorial is catered for beginners or anyone who loves to learn this basic wirework technique. 
It has in-depth instructions and ultra-clear, close-up photos at each step.
Additionally, you can ask me questions you have on the tutorial.
No more getting stuck and frustrated on a confusing or just plain inaccurate pattern.
Copyright 2013
Materials Needed:
0.4 mm (28 gauge) spool wire
0.8 mm (20 gauge) wire 10" in length, hard half (2 pcs.)
14 pcs. 6 mm round beads
Beading wire
Seed beads and pearls
Tools Needed:
Flat nose pliers
Gizmo (optional)
Wire cutter
A pair of ear wires
Step 1:
Hold together 0.8 mm (10” in length) and with a few inches of 0.4 mm wire with the left hand
and start making rounds of 0.4 mm from your spool directly using your right hand.
Step 2:
When coiling you can see that it is not too close with a bit of interval so tighten the coils
to have even coils by pushing to the left then continue coiling.
Step 3:
Repeat Step 2 for more coils until you reach, almost, the end of the 0.8 mm wire about
2 inches in length. Make sure also that there is space in the other end of the wire. 
Other option to make coils is by using a gizmo, a tool for coiling wire.
After coiling, you will then have this piece like in the picture. 
Step 4:
Using flat nose pliers, fold the tip of the 0.8mm.
Note: Folding the tip of the thicker wire is optional. it is only to prevent the coils to slip
when coiling to bigger diameter.
Step 5:
Using a Gizmo or any circular stick of about 0.50 cm (0.2 inches) thickness, start making
the coil at the center of the coiled wire by holding the other half in your left hand, and on
your right hand hold the other half and start coiling about 3 or 4 rounds.  Flip the stick to
the other side by holding now the coiled portion of the wire and on your right hand, hold
the uncoil portion and continue coiling a few rounds until you have 7 coils. Count 7 rings
and cut the extra wire, spare about 2mm of wire without the coil, you can fold it or leave it as is.
Step 6:
Stretch the coil spring a little bit, by holding both ends pull the coil meeting each end
point to make a circle.
Step 7:
Hold both ends and using your flat nose pliers, adjust the rings in even spaces. 
You now have a daisy flower shaped spacer.
Step 8:
This time we’re going to show how to use the Daisy Flower Spacer in making earrings
or a pendant. Cut about 8 inches of 0.4mm (28 gauge) beading wire. Pass the beading
wire inside the coil and into the bead holes going out the coil again. Pick up another bead
and pass the beading wire into the bead hole and going out again the coil. Do same steps
until you fill the space with your beads.
Step 9:
Pull a little bit of the extra beading wire to tighten the beads and embellish by creating your
own design. In this tutorial, we added seed beads and a pearl.
Step 10:
Then inserted a clamp ends and secured the beading wire by knotting it a few times then
passing back to the beads and cutting the extra wire neatly. Attach ear hook wires to complete your earring. 
You have now a pair of Daisy Flower Spacer earrings.  If you like to have a set with a flower
pendant necklace, just make another flower spacer but with larger ring coils. 
If you have any feedback or question about the tutorial, please contact me at diyjewelrymaking@gmail.com
Please do not distribute, lend or copy.
Do not mass-produced.