Round Earrings & Necklace T18 - Part 1

This tutorial shows step by step guides in making this wire jewelry designs.
The tutorial is centered around making the round armature and turn it into  earrings and pendants.
The tutorial provides tips of some fundamentals on wire jewelry that covers
-          Making round shape
-          Making jump rings
-          Attaching beads onto the links
-          Wire wrapping
-          Making necklace using beaded loops
The tutorial is catered to beginner or anyone who loves to learn this basic wire technique. 
It has in-depth instructions and ultra-clear, close-up photos at each step. Comes with 44 step by step guides in 33 pages.
Additionally, you can ask me question you have on the tutorial.
No more getting stuck and frustrated on a confusing or just plain inaccurate pattern.
Copyright 2012
Materials Needed:
For Earrings
1mm dia (18 gauge) of copper wires.
0.4mm dia  (26 gauge) copper wires
14 Round beads approx. 0.6mm diameter
For Pendant and Necklace
1mm dia (18 gauge) of copper wires.
0.4mm dia  (26 gauge) copper wires
Approximately 22 round beads approx. 0.6mm diameter
Tools Needed:
Round nose pliers
Flat nose pliers
Wire Cutter
Steel block
Step 1: Making round armature
Cut approximately 16cm of 18 gauge copper wires. Use a mandrel to make a circle measuring about 3.5cm in diameter.
Step 2:
Notice there is an overlapping area of the 2 wires. Make a loop from the wires at the top measuring
about 0.5cm in diameter using round nose pliers.
Notes for Beginners: How to make a loop
The diameter of the round nose pliers can be used as the diameter of the loop. You will notice the diameter
is getting bigger from the tip towards the holder.
You can use marker pen to mark on the location of your preferred diameter for your loop.
This is important especially you are making 1 pair of earrings that requires the 2 sides to look identical.
Based on the marking, place the pliers onto the wire to prepare making a loop.
To make a smaller loop, place the wires towards the tip of the pliers. To make a bigger loop,
place the wire towards the inner side of the pliers.
Notice position of the right hand. Your wrist is towards direction of the arrow to allow room for
twisting to make the loop. Picture shows the position of hand that is moving in ward.
Make a full loop. Adjust the loop by reopening and closing the loop to ensure nice circle is formed.
Step 3: 
To make a pair of earrings, you need to make 2 such armatures
Step 4:
Now let’s make a few jump rings. We need 7 rings for each earring.
Take a mandrel that is measuring about 0.8cm in diameter. In this case, I am using the pliers’ holder as shown in the picture.
Cut approximately 20cm of 18 gauge wires and attached it onto the mandrel and bend one end upward. 
Rotate your wrapping hand towards your body to wrap the wires around the mandrel.
Step 5:
Repeat to make the subsequent circles until you reach the end of the wires. You may leave approximately 1.5cm of wires unwrapped. 
Step 6:
Remove the coils from the mandrel. 
Step 7:
Use your wire cutter to trim the end of the coil. Notice I use the flat side of the pliers to cut the wire to ensure the end is flat. 
Step 8:
Loosen out the space between the coils by pulling them outward.
Step 9:
Now place your wire cutter at the 2nd layer of the coils which is slightly towards the right side from
the end of the 1st layer. This is to allow some rooms for trimming and to ensure sufficient wires to form
the whole ring. Once position is identified, cut it out from the coil. 
Step 10:
This is how the jump ring looks like after you cut it out. 
Step 11:
Use flat or round nose pliers to close the gap by moving 2 sides of the ring to centre of the ring.
This is how the jump ring will look like once you close it.
Step 12:
You can continue to cut the second ring using the same method. 
Step 13:
Once you cut out the second ring, you will notice that one of the sides comes with sharp edge.
Use your flat side of the wire cutter to cut off the wires slightly from the edges 
Close the gap with your pliers. 
Step 14:
Place the rings onto a steel block and flatten the rings using a hammer. 
Step 15:
Hammer for the rest of the rings. You need 14 rings for both earrings. 
Step 16:
Now, let follow me to make earrings hooks.
Cut approximately 7cm of 0.8mm dia (20 gauge) of copper wires. 
Step 17:
Take 1cm of the wire from the end, bend it to 90 degree.
Step 18:
Make a loop.
Step 19:
Bend the wires using a mandrel at 2cm above the loop.
Step 20:
Shape it according to the shape of ear wires. Cut off excess wires. 
Step 21:
To harden the ear wires, put it on a steel block and hammer it evenly.
Step 22:
This is how it looks like. Repeat for the other side.