Whirlybird Cabochon T82

This is a chain maille jewelry making project that uses combination of European 1 in 4 and Whirlybird
techniques. It requires only basic supplies such as jump rings and beads. You can mix and match using
different materials and colors of jump rings as well as beads to come up with many beautiful variations.
The tutorial comes with pictorial step by step guides.
You can turn the Cabochon to a pair of earrings or pendant. Anyone has any idea how to turn it to a
Copyright 2012
Materials Needed:
13 x 20 gauge large Jump rings 10mm in diameter
18 x 20 gauge small jump rings 3mm in diameter
1 round bead approximately 1cm in diameter
Earring hooks
Tools Needed:
Flat nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Step 1: Basic skill: Opening and closing jump rings
Making chain maille can be a lot of fun, and with some practice and patience
it is a skill that can be added to any jewelry-making arsenal. The fundamental
point to master in order to create perfect jewelry every time is opening and closing
jump rings in a way that forms seamless connections. Use your round nose and
chain or flat nose pliers to grip the jump ring on both sides of the split.
Now move one plier towards you and the other away from you, in other words
move your hands in opposite directions (forwards and backwards). Don’t pull it
open from left to right, otherwise, the round shape of the jump ring will be distorted.
Similarly, for closing a jump ring, use the 2 pliers to pull
them to the center to close the gap.
Step 2:
Take a large closed jump ring and place it into a small
open jump ring.
Step 3:
Place in another large jump ring to the small jump ring.
Close the opening of the small jump ring.
Place in another small ring.
Step 4:
Now place in one large jump ring at the other end of
the two small jump rings.
Step 5:
Slightly separate the 2 small jump rings.
Now fold the second jump rings backward to create the 
start of the centipede pattern chain.
Step 6:
Now take the third large jump ring.
Step 7:
Repeat step 5.
Step 8:
Continue the process of adding new large jump rings
with beads until you have 10 large jump rings in a row.
Step 9:
Now, we need to connect all the small jump rings from
the 1 side of the chain thru a large jump ring.
This is how it would look like once the large jump ring
pass through the small rings.
Step 10:
Close the large jump ring.
When you open up, it looks like a blossomed flower! 
Step 11:
Place the bead at the middle . We need to wrap the
‘flower’ with large jump ring. Similarly to the earlier
approach, just pass through the large jump rings to all
the small jump rings.
You might like to remove the bead first so that you can
connect the first 5 small rings.
Place back the bead when you reach the 6th small.

Mind you! This is rather a challenging task to pass the
large ring thru the small rings. You need to pull the
flower as close as possible to the bead so that it makes
connecting the small rings easier.
Step 12:
Wow.. at last we managed to chain up all the 9 small rings.
Step 13:
Close the opening of the large jump ring. 
You are done with the cabochon!
Step 14:
You can place a ring at the first and last large rings of the
cabochon and connect it to a ear hook.
You have just made an earring!
Repeat the whole process to make the second earring.
Step 15:
You have just completed wrapping the cabochon.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
If you have any query of feedback for the tutorial,
please contact me at diyjewelrymaking@gmail.com.

Please do not distribute, lend or copy.
Do not mass-produce.