Butterfly Wire Jewelry T103

This beautiful butterfly can be used as a pendant, a charm or a brooch.
Its wings are shaped; spreading out while showing a netlike wire, patiently and intricately weaved to cover the wings.
The wings are embellished with a bead, as if ready to hover around your neck attached on a chain or beads of necklace.
Creating this piece uses wire work techniques and is suited for intermediate and advanced level.
Copyright 2012
Materials Needed:
0.8mm copper wire measuring 16.5 inches
0.4mm copper wire measuring 20 inches each
2 beads of your choice
Tools Needed:
Flat Nose Pliers
Wire Cutter
Mandrel or any round object

Step 1:
Cut 42cm (16.5 inches) of 0.8mm copper wire. Use marker pen to indicate the measurement required for each component of the butterfly as per diagram shown on the left.
Step 2:
Cut 42cm (16.5 inches) of 0.8mm copper wire. Measure 7cm (2.75 inches), Point A to Point B.
Then measure 8cm (3 inches, Point C) and make a loop with the wire going right downward and then upward.
You’ve created the first lower right wing of the butterfly.
Step 3:
Continuously, as you bring your wire upward, measure 6cm (2 inches, Point D), and make a loop by going to the right downward
and then straight to the left direction. You have now created your butterfly’s right wings.
Step 4:
Then create the butterfly’s third lower left wing by making a loop of about 8cm (3 inches, Point E),
going to the left downward and upward direction.
Step 5:
Then continuously, measure another 6cm (2 inches, Point F) and make a loop going to the left downward and upward direction.
Step 6:
From the last loop, finish your butterfly’s wings by continuously coiling the wire 3 times.
With the help of the flat nose plier, bring the remaining wire upward to form an antenna. Now you would have a pair of antenna side by side. Trim the antenna to ensure they have the same length ie approximately 7cm (2.75 inches, Point G).
Step 7:
To create the antenna, with your round nose pliers create a small loop starting at the tip of the wire by coiling the wire 2 times. 
You now have your butterfly’s right antenna.
Step 8:
Do the same with the other wire to finish off the antennas.
Step 9:
Now, we’ll start to weave the wings. Cut 20 inches of 0.4mm copper wire and coil 2 times on the 0.8mm copper wire,
starting at the upper left corner of the lower right wing. 
Step 10:
Now we are trying to weave a web around the circle. Imagining you are creating a half circle,
with the 0.4mm copper wire, continuously create the first weave by looping upward, going downward,
leaving a space and coil again, this time, only once on the 0.8mm copper wire.
While you are making the half circle, use your thumb of your left hand (if you are right handled) to hold
the wire so that it does not move and you can retain the shape while you continue to weave. 

Step 11:
Then continue to create another loop and another loop until you reach your starting point
when you first created the first loop or the first weave. In this tutorial, we have created 9 loops.
You will arrive at this image, having the first line of loops. When you reach your starting point or your very first loop,
continue to make a loop by going over your first loop. This time, the base of your second line of loops will be the first line of loops.
Continue to make loops until you reach again your starting point.
You now have your second line of loops.
Step 12:
When you reach your starting point, continue to make your third line of loops over your second line of loops. When finished weaving, you will have three lines of loops with a space at the center.
Step 13:
Once you reached your starting point, insert your chosen bead and place the bead at the center to cover that space as shown in the Step 14.
Step 14:
Secure the bead by coiling the wire 2 times against the loop below the bead. Cut off excess wire. 
Repeat the same steps above for other wings. For the upper wing, you might choose not to weave in with any bead.  Just make the final loop with two wraps around the last loop made, cut the balance and finish off neatly.
Step 15:
You have now completed your Butterfly Wire Jewelry.
Remember, there are many variations you can play around with it.
Explore and discover… you will be able to do it! Hope you like the tutorial!

If you have any query or feedback with the tutorial, please contact me at diyjewelrymaking@gmail.com
Please do not distribute, lend or copy. Do not mass-produced.