Sparkling Bracelet T100

This is a wonderful beading pattern to guide you how to make this bracelet!
Using only the 2-needle RAW beadweaving technique, you’ll be able to create a beautiful bicone crystal bracelet.
You can also choose any kinds of beads to create the bracelet,
but learning the basic RAW technique, you’ll be able to create numerous designs and even turn this bracelet into a necklace.
Copyright 2012
Materials Needed:
Approximately 100 x 4mm of colour 1 bicone crystals
Approximately 64 x 4mm of colour 2 bicone crystals
1.25m (0.25 dia.) Nylon Thread
2 x 10 inches Nylon Thread
8 blue seed beads
Tools Needed:
Flat nose pliers
Needle measuring 12
The beading pattern is displayed from right to left in a vertical position. We are using only 1 thread throughout the beading, we use black and orange colour to show you movement of the threads.

Step 1:

Cut approximately 1.2m of nylon thread measuring 0.25 in length and thread it through your needle at both ends. Leave about 2cm tails at both ends. You will pass the beads through the needles throughout the creation of the bracelet!
In the step, we are aiming to make 1 set of 4 beads as shown in the pattern. Thread in 1 colour 1 crystals and let it drop to the centre of the thread. On your left, thread in a colour 1 crystal and on your right, thread in one colour 2 crystal. Cross both set of the thread thru a 4mm colour 2 crystals by passing the thread on your left into the hole to the right and the thread at the right to the left.
Right        Left
Step 2:
Continue to thread in one colour 1 crystal on your left and one colour 2 crystals on your right and cross both sets of the thread into a colour 1 crystal. You will continue with this process until you reach your desired length.
Right              Left
Step 3:
On the last set, you will thread in 2 colour 1 crystals on the orange thread. Cross both set of the threads to a colour 2 crystal on your right.
Right         Left
Step 4:
From previous step, thread in 2 colour 1 crystals and cross both threads into a colour 2 crystals.
Left                                              Left
Step 5:
Then pass thread in black into the colour 2 crystal from the first row (marked as X)
On the orange thread, thread in 1 colour 1 crystal. Cross both threads into a colour 1 crystal.
Left                           Left
Step 6:
Continue with the bead weaving using step 5 above until you complete second row.
You are almost done. To tighten the bracelet, just pass the threads back into the beads throughout the bracelet one more time. Once you have done it, make a small knot and cut off excess threads.
Step 7: Attaching the clasp
After you’re finish beadweaving the bracelet, cut 10 inches nylon thread and insert it into the last crystal on your right shown in red arrow.  Then slide in 1 blue seed bead followed by the clasp like shown in this picture.
Step 8:
Insert one more blue seed bead after the clasp and continue to bring your thread into the crystal shown in read arrow then pull your thread.
Step 9:
Then insert your left thread into the next crystal shown in red arrow. Slide in 1 blue seed bead, followed by your clasp and another blue seed bead like shown in this picture.
Follow Step 8, but this time, insert the thread into the crystal shown in red circle then pull the thread.
Step 10:
To finish it off, pass the threads back thru into several crystals until they cross or meet and then tie a knot. Pass again thru several crystals and cut excess thread.
Step 11:
Repeat Steps 7 to 10 for the other side. You’re done!
If you have any query or feedback, please send me an email at
Do not distribute, lend or copy. Do not mass-produce.