Elegant Beaded Necklace T24

Learn how to make this classy looking beaded 
necklace using Swarovski crystals and Japanese seed
beads through this pictorial step by step tutorial. It is 
suitable to be worn for dinner function that makes 
you look elegant!
The tutorial is catered for intermediate and confident beginners but anyone who loves beading can learn this basic weave. 
It has in-depth instructions and ultra-clear, close-up photos at each step.
Additionally, you can ask me questions you have on the tutorial.
No more getting stuck and frustrated on a confusing or just plain inaccurate pattern.
Copyright 2012
100 pc 4mm bicone Swarovski crystals 
100 pc 5mm Swarovski pearls 
25 pc 6mm bicone  5000 Swarovski cystals 
1 pc 8mm Swarovski pearls 
50gm of Japanese Seed Beads 
Tools Needed 
Nylon thread size 0.25 
Step 1:
Cut a piece of the nylon thread approximately 2m in length and thread it through your needle at both ends. Leave about 2cm tails at both ends.  
You will pass the beads through the needles throughout the creation of the necklace!
Step 2:
Thread in a seed bead at the centre of the thread through one of the needles. Then thread in 1 8mm  pearl by passing thru the 2 strings into the hole of  the pearl. 
Step 3:
Push the bead to the end of the thread. Thread in 5 seed beads into each thread as shown in the picture.
Step 4:
Cross both set of the thread thru a 4mm bicone Swarovski crystal by passing the right thread to the left and the left thread to the right. Tighten the bead by pulling the thread.
Step 5:
Thread in 4mm bicone Swarovski crystal each at both thread. Then cross both set of the thread thru another 4mm bicone Swarovski crystal. Tighten the bead by pulling the thread.
Step 6: 
Thread in 6 seed beads at right side.
Step 7:
Thread in 2 seed beads, 1 5mm pearl and 2 seed beads at the left thread.
Step 8:
Cross both set of the thread thru a 4mm bicone crystal by passing the right hand thread into the hole to the left hand thread to the right.
Step 9:
Tighten the bead by pulling the thread
Step 10:
Continue to form the same pattern until your desired length that can fit nicely around the neck.
In this illustration, the necklace is approximately 38cm in length. The first layer has 24 sets of 4
bicone crystals. You may need more or less sets depending of the size of your neck.
At the end of the necklace, make a necklace loop by putting in 15 seed beads at the right thread.
Step 11:
Pass the right thread into the bicone crystal to form a loop.
As the 8mm pearl will be used to hook onto the loop (see picture 22), you can place the 8mm
Swarovski pearls into the loop to see if it fits into the loop. Ensure the pearl is able to go thru the
loop and the loop is not too loose to hook onto the pearl. You may add or reduce the seed bead
to ensure the loop is able to keep the round pearl.
Step 12: 
Now we are ready to make the second layer of the necklace. Pass the 2 threads one by one from
the loop through the bicone crystal as shown by the arrow.
Step 13:
Then pass the 2 threads through the 2 seed beads.
Pass one of the threads into the pearl bead as shown. Now you notice, the both threads are placed next to the pearl of each side.
Step 14:
Now thread in 2 pearl beads at the right thread and 1 bead at the left thread.
Step 15:
Cross the right thread into the pearl bead at the left.
Step 16:
Tighten the thread. Thread in 2 seed beads as shown by the arrow.
Step 17:
Pass the right thread thru the bicone and seed beads next to it.
Thread in 1 bicone crystal and 2 seed beads. Then thread in a pearl bead at the left thread.
Step 18:
Then cross the thread at the left into the pearl bead and tighten the thread.
Step 19:
Repeat step 13 to step 17 to complete the second layers.
Step 20:
You should end the second layer with 4 pearls as shown in the picture.
Step 21:
Pass the remaining thread back into the pearl and seed beads until you reach the other end of the necklace. Tighten the thread and cut off excess threads.
Step 22:
The picture shows that how to loop is locked onto the pearl bead at both ends of the necklace.
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