Wired Flower Tutorial T5

This tutorial shows how to make a flower using wire and beads. It covers basic skills such as:

  • Shaping flower frame using wire
  • Wire wrapping the flower
  • Attaching beads onto the flower
  • Attaching the flower onto a leather necklace.

You can turn this creation to either a bracelet or a necklace. This tutorial is suitable for novices and beginners.

28cm 0.8mm thick wire  
280cm 0.4mm thin wire
1 6mm pearl bead
1 leather necklace
Wire cutter
Round nose pliers
Flat nose pliers
Step 1:
Draw a flower shaped pattern on a small piece of paper. The diameter of the flower is around 2.5cm.
Step 2:
Cut a 28cm long thick wire to form the flower frame. As shown in picture, make a slight twist at about 6cm of the wire using flat nose pliers. Place it on one of the petals as shown in picture.
Step 3:
You are now ready to twist the wire following the shape of the flower drawn on the paper. Use your thumb or the flat nose pliers to hold the wire onto the paper in order to fix the position, use your left hand to twist the wire following the shape ofthe flower.
Step 4:
Before you form another petal, you may now take out the paper and hold the wire using your left hand. Place the flat nose pliers at the edge where you would like to form the curve, use your left hand to twist the wire up.
You may use your fingers or flat nose to further shape the wire to the desired shape.
Step 5:
Now continue to shape the subsequent petal with one hand holding on the wire and paper and the other hand shaping the petals.
Step 6:
This is the complete flower shaped frame.
Step 7:
Now, tie the wires at the joint using the thin wire as shown in picture.
Step 8:
Wrap the petal using the wire.
Step 9:
When you have completed the first petal, bring the thin wire across the first petal as shown in the picture.
Step 10:
Now start to wrap around the second petal.
Step 11:
Continue to wrap for the rest of the petals.
Step 12:
Upon completion of the wrapping, bring the thin wire to the other side of the flower (front) through the hole at the centre as shown by the red arrow.
Now turn to the other side of the flower (front).
Step 13:
Thread a white pearl through the thin wire.
Step 14:
Bring the thin wire to other side of the flower (Back) thru the hole at the centre.
Step 15:
Place the white pearl nicely at the centre of the flower.
Step 16:
Turn to the back of the flower, tie the 2 thin wires onto the thick wire. Then cut off excessive wires.
Step 17:
Place the flower at the centre of the leather cord. Twist the thick wires up as shown in the picture. Our aim now is to attach the flower onto to leather string.
Step 18:
Using the thick wires to tie around the leather cord as shown in the pictures.
Step 19:
Now turn to the front and you are done! You can either make it a necklace or a bracelet with this creation.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Please do not distribute, lend or copy. Do not mass-produce.