Persian Star Chain Bracelet T112

Making chain maille can be a lot of fun,
and with some practice and patience it is a skill that can be added to any jewelry-making arsenal.
Chain maille is a jewelry making technique of linking metal rings or jump rings and creating a pattern.
There are only 2 important techniques a jewelry maker should be familiar with when it comes to chain maile
and that is opening and closing jump rings/metal rings.
In this tutorial by XQDesigns, we will teach you how to open, close and link jump rings
through a simple chain maille pattern called Persian Star.
Copyright 2013
Materials Needed:
1 cm (10mm) 0.4 inch dia. jump rings
0.6 cm (6mm) 0.2 inch dia. jump rings
1 crab claw clasp
Tools Needed:
2 flat nose or bent nose pliers
TIPS: How to open a jump ring
Using 2 flat nose or bent nose pliers grip the jump ring on both sides of the split or gap.
While holding the pliers move your hands in opposite directions, one plier towards you
and the other pliers away from you. You will see the split opening up.
Tips: Do not pull the gap or split outward as it could be hard to go back to shape later.
How to close a jump ring
To close the jump ring, just move your pliers towards each other and have the split meet again.
This is how your jump ring will look like once you close it.
Step 1:
Lay 3 (1 cm) jump rings like shown in this picture. The 2nd jump ring should be on top of the 1st and the 3rd jump ring should be on top of the 2nd.
Step 2:
Place 1 (0.6 cm) jump ring at the middle and over the 2nd jump ring.
Then link the 1st and 3rd jump rings using your 0.6 cm jump ring.
Then pull or lay flat the jump rings again.
This is how it should look like once you’ve linked the 1st and 3rd jump rings.
The 0.6 cm jump ring is positioned at the middle and inside the 2nd jump ring.
Step 3:
Add one 1 cm jump ring and position it on top of the 3rd jump ring.
This will be your 4th jump ring.
Step 4:
Then pick up 1 (0.6 cm) jump ring and link your 2nd and 4th jump ring
like what you did on Step 2. Again, lay flat your jump rings after linking.
Step 5:
This is how it should look like. Your 2nd and 4th jump ring is linked
by a 0.6 cm jump ring positioned inside your 3rd 1 cm jump ring.
Add a 5th jump ring and link it with your 3rd jump ring.
Step 6:
Repeat the steps of adding and linking jump rings until you reach your desired length.
Step 7:
Once you reached your desired length, insert into your last 1 cm jump ring
a crab claw clasp like shown in this picture.
You have now completed the Persian Star Chain Bracelet. Hope you like it!
If you have any questions or feedback about the tutorial, please contact me at
Please do not distribute, lend or copy.
Do not mass-produce.