Sparkle Christmas Bracelet
The bracelet is made using Swarovski bicone and seed beads, which are easily available. Time required approximately 2 hrs.
Wire Snowflake Ring
This tutorial I illustrate step by step, with close up photos, how to create your own wire snowflake ring. This tutorial is suitable for intermediate level.
DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #62 (PDF)
Another year, another art of jewelry making to learn! For DIY Jewelry Making Magazine's first issue for 2018, you will discover the ancient Japanese braiding technique and create Kumihimo beaded jewelry! Featured jewelry designer Elena Komina will show you how.
DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #63 (PDF)
Playing with AVA Beads
"AVA, goes"... religioous
A tutorial on making a beaded cross using AVA beads.
Frozen Lake Beadweaving Necklace
Create your own, charming and beautiful necklace!
Juliet Bracelet
This is a tutorial pattern in PDF format for making Juliet Bracelet.
Tristan Pendant
Dimensions: Pendant is about 4,5 cm wide. Project difficulty: beginner/advanced.
DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #65 (PDF)
Inside DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #65 are 5 tutorials inspired by bicones beads! On this issue, you will have a sparkling bracelet, earrings and necklaces suitable for all occasions!
If you love sparkle, this is the one for you. With beautiful rivolis captured with crystal bicones and seed beads in a netted bezel, then the lace-like flowers and neck chain, this delicate yet bold necklace is simple to make in a modified Right-Angle-Weave stitch and netting stitch.
Crystal Sea Necklace
This pattern is for Intermediate to advanced beaders.
De Medici Heirloom
Earrings Peyote stitch for advanced skilled beaders.
Stilla Bracelet
Delicate looking bracelet with many color possibilities.
DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #66 (PDF)
In this issue, we’ll be exploring triangular shaped 2-hole beads called, “Kheops par Puca beads.” Use these triangles in bead weaving for a unique look or add them to a stringing project. With its eye-catching shape and innovative design, surely Kheops par Puca beads will add contemporary beauty to any beaded jewelry.
Fairy Dust Bracelet
This pattern is for Intermediate to advanced beaders.
"Asy" Earrings
Photo tutorial that explains step by step how to make the "Asy" earrings/pendant. It requires basic knowledge on the use of the khéops beads.
Sweet Sixteen Necklace
This beading tutorial will teach you how to create a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry using basic bead weaving techniques.
Angel Pendant
Making this pendant doesn't require glue or solder. Pictures and descriptions are designed even for those not yet self-confident enough to call themselves intermediate wire-wrapping artists :)
DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #67 (PDF)
Looking for new innovative designs and beads? You’ll love to use the Arcos par Puca beads! The Arcos beads features a crescent moon shape with 3 holes running through each bead, giving you endless bead weaving and stringing opportunities. You can also use Arcos in combination with 2 hole beads like Kheops, SuperDuo and MiniDuos. As they have three holes they can be incorporated into many modern and also traditional beadwork designs and patterns. Explore jewelry making using Arcos par Puca beads with our featured designers and tutorials!
Mandalamay Pendant
Made with Beads designed by Annick Puca, the Arcos®, Ios® and Kheops® beads slot together perfectly to form this rather stunning mandala pendant. Overlaid with seed beads, the different elements make the whole.
Ines Earrings
Swarovski, Arcos par Puca, O Beads, Pinch Beads and seed beads are the components of my new project, the *Ines* Earrings.
Wire Wrapped Ring
This model is with moderate difficulty, but even handy beginners can do well. You will need basic knowledge for this technique. I made a lot of pictures of the ring making to make the whole thing easier to understand step by step. Keep in mind that the size of the ring is adjustable from one to three numbers smaller or larger.
Twist and Turn Bracelet
Two colours of 4mm round pearls intertwine in a delicate spiral in this beaded bracelet.
Do not click
DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #68 (PDF)
Level-up your beaded jewelry designs with O-beads! These unique beads are flat, donut-shaped seed beads that measure 1x3.8mm and have a 1.3mm hole. You can use O-beads as fringe, stack them as spacers  or even as links connected by jump rings. Incorporate them into your bead weaving, and so much more to add a unique flair to your beaded jewelry. Explore jewelry making using O-beads with our featured designers and tutorials!
Create a special beadwork necklace which contains Czech new Dimond Duo beads, Honeycomb beads, Pearls, O beads, Super Duo beads, Swarovski bicones, and Japanese seed beads.
Zena Bracelet
Featuring Silky beads, Kheops® Par Puca® beads and SuperDuos, this gorgeously elegant bracelet looks stunning in a variety of colours to create different effects. Using a two-needle method it is made along its entire length.
Amira Earrings
The gorgeous Amira Earrings are the embodiment of glitz and glamour! Combine the grace and elegance of round pearls with the sparkle offered by crystals and you have a recipe for a piece of jewelry sure to impress.
Cold Sunrise
Making this pendant doesn't require glue or solder. Pictures and descriptions are designed even for those not yet self-confident enough to call themselves intermediate wire-wrapping artists :)
Kyanite Blade Pendant
This tutorial will show you how to make this pendant that you can use for its beauty, for energizing, for healing, wicca, reiki and many others. Enjoy!
DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #69 (PDF)
Our favorite 2-hole beads are back! Probably, the first 2-hole bead most beaders and jewelry designers had, SuperDuo never fails to continue adding a splash of intricacy to any beaded jewelry design, even if many 2-hole beads have been manufactured and are now out in the market. Together with our featured jewelry designers and publishers, let’s continue to create “super” beautiful, “super” unique beaded jewelry with SuperDuo!
Fall Flowers Necklace
Create this eye catching unique beadwork Necklace which contains Fire Polish beads, the new Pinch and O beads, seed beads, drops, Swarovski Bicones, and Superduo beads.
Candy Floss Cuff
Materials used in this pattern are: Size 11 Miyuki seed beads, Size 15 Miyuki seed beads, 2 Hole diamonds, Bricks, Superduo beads, Firepolish crystals.
Summer Fun Leaf Earrings
The earrings is not hard to make, just follow my detailed instructions and many step-by-step photos.
Pandora Necklace
Pandora comes from Greek mythology and there are several versions about it. Pandora definitely is something very beautiful as also this pattern is.
DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #70
In this issue, we’re bringing you jewelry designs using Bugle Beads! These cylindrical-shaped tube beads can work wonders as accent pieces you can use in bead weaving, stringing projects, bead embroidery and more. Probably, the only bead in jewelry making that is seldom used, but popular when it comes to fringe elements. Once you use them, they can surely add dimension and texture to your beadwork. Learn from our featured jewelry designers how they incorporated bugle beads in their jewelry designs!
Sticks and Stones
A beading tutorial how to create a bracelet.
Starry Night Earrings
Make your own Christmas earrings with this beaded Star Earrings tutorial. It's the perfect Holiday pattern. Make a set, package in a cute box and create gifts that your friends and family will love!
Russian Spiral Wrap Around
This elegant beading pattern will easily teach you how to make an amazing Russian spiral wrap around stitch bracelet (possible to make also as a necklace)! PDF file includes detailed step by step directions and high resolution pictures, full color to illustrate the beading pattern. File includes not only beading instructions but also information about necessary materials.
Create an eye catch beadwork bracelet which contains Japanese seed beads, Tango beads, Honeycomb beads, Silky beads, Half Tila beads and Rose Montees.
Zipper Flower
This tutorial will teach you how to create an interesting flower from an old zipper. The zipper flower can be used as a brooch, hair accessory, bracelet or anything else that you choose. I have been creating jewelry from old and already useless zippers for many years and I can say that this accessory has always aroused interest by others in you, it never go unnoticed.
All Access Membership
All Access Membership is a one-time fee, no monthly fee, instant, unlimited, lifetime access to all tutorials and magazines. Magazine access includes past and future issues.
DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #71
In this issue, we’re bringing you the wonderful uses of Tila beads! Tila beads are flat, square shape with dual beading holes that are perfect for connecting or joining multiple strands of beads. They are also perfect as spacer bars, as embellishments and for creating checkerboard beading patterns. Available in a number of different colors and finishes, these lovely Tila beads allow you to explore new and creative ways to design.
Garden Path Bracelet
I have named this beaded bracelet tutorial the Garden Path because the Tila beads in the design remind me of the paving stones used in a garden.
Deep Ocean
Create this eye catching unique beadwork bracelet which contains Japanese Tila beads, the new O beads, seed beads, Swarovski bicons, drops, and Superduo beads.
Caterina Bracelet
Photo tutorial that explains step by step how to make the "Caterina" bracelet. It requires basic knowledge on the use of the Tila beads.
Tutorial nr 25
Making those earrings doesn't require glue or solder. Pictures and descriptions are designed even for beginners in wire-wrapping :)
Lady Grace Bracelet
This pattern is for intermediate to advanced beaders.
"Arch Angel of the Throne" Necklace
Before you purchase this tutorial I want to give you fair warning that this is an highly advanced beading tutorial. It will take up to at least 12 hours to make the angel (and is better done as a 3 day project).


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