Tavi Rizo Ring
In the tutorial you can find detailed step by step beading instructions with pictures.
Suha Pendant
Photo tutorial that explains step by step how to make "Suha" Pendant It requires basic knowledge on the use of super duo.
DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #37 (PDF)
Welcome to another issue of DIY Jewelry Making Magazine, where we bring to you a collection of beautiful and wonderful jewelry tutorials from all around! In this month’s issue of DIY Jewelry Magazine, we present to you jewelry tutorials using two holed beads. Two holed beads can be used in many designs, and here, you can learn just how to use them and make jewelry which can be worn or be made into gifts!
Squared Necklace
Providing 9 pages of text with 41 illustrations, this bead pattern offers instructions that are easy to follow yet full of helpful tips. My beading design for my Squared necklace necklace uses bead embroidery and bead stringing. Using my bead pattern, you learn to embroider with seed beads around a cabochon or flat bead to create five, two-sided focal beads as centerpieces in a necklace. Strung with large gemstone beads and artist-made lampwork beads, these focal beads make a powerful impact.
DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #38 (PDF)
Hello there! How is your jewelry making journey coming along? In this issue of DIY Jewelry Making Magazine, we are bringing you multiple types of jewelry making tutorials! From fabric beads to complex bead weaving and stringing beads together to make handmade jewelry! These tutorials are bound to make your year an awesome one! Here's to a great start of the new year!
Beaded Bangle
Creating the bangle will teach you Right Angle Weave beading technique. You will learn to weave layers of Right Angle Weave to create height on the bangle and will also serve as embellishment, which you can also apply on other designs with right angle weave technique.
Duchess von Perle Necklace
Beading Pattern to make a Beadwork Necklace in PDF file form. The pattern has step by step photo tutorials supported by step by step instructions. This makes the patterns easy to follow for visual beaders as well as for beaders that rather read instructions.
Elegant Necklace
The tutorial is suitable for beginners to intermediate level. If you’re a beginner you must have basic knowledge of Right Angle Weave beading technique. The necklace is made of pearls making it timelessly elegant. You can wear it on formal occasions.
Summer Twist Necklace
This beading tutorial will teach you how to create a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry using basic bead weaving techniques.
Crystals Sparkling Beaded Cross
​Learn how to bead a cross using right angle weave. This cross is uniquely gorgeous and stunning. The tutorial is catered to students who has some basic knowledge of beading and right angle weave. The tutorial has both diagram and images to show you steps involving making the cross. You can ask me question you have on the tutorial. No more getting stuck and frustrated on a confusing or just plain inaccurate pattern.
DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #39 (PDF)
Love is everywhere! This month of February, is the month of love. Show your love to your loved ones by gifting them gifts of love and surprising them with wonderful gifts! And what more can you give than a heartfelt jewelry piece put together by your very own hands? In this issue, we bring you red jewelry and heart shaped jewelry for Valentine's gifts!
Vermillion Red Poppy Necklace
In this tutorial I show you how to make a tubular spiral rope, petals for a flower, brick stitch leaves, how to cab a crystal, how to make your own toggle clasp and stitch a bail.
Valentine Hearts Earrings
This elegant beading pattern will easily teach you how to make amazing earrings for Valentine day decorated with crystal drop dangle. PDF file includes detailed step by step directions and pictures, full color to illustrate the beading pattern.
Golden Pearl Red Superdou Bracelet
This bracelet is made using Swarovski bicone, pearl, superduo beads, 3mm beads and seed beads. It can be made into a choker too.
Bloody Heart Pendant Tutorial
The process of making these pendant is presented in 12 easy to follow parts and illustrated with 33 pictures.
Rainbow Heart Shape Pendant and Necklace
Learn to make this beautiful heart shape pendant. The color of rainbow makes the pendant colorful and lively. Of course, you can use only 1 color or mix and match with any color to make this pendant.
DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #40 (PDF)
In this month's issue, we bring to you beautiful wire jewelry tutorials for you to have fun with wires! Wirework and wire wrapping is known to be one of the oldest methods to make handmade jewelry. When making wire jewelry you don't need a lot of materials because only wire is the main material, but having the right tools is essential to make wire jewelry a fun experience. Have some fun with these wire jewelry tutorials today!
DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #41 (PDF)
Hello again everybody! It is another month of jewelry making and I wish that fellow jewelry makers everywhere are having a fun and amazing time of jewelry making! Need to wear something new quick? In this month's issue of DIY Jewelry Making Magazine, we have 8 tutorials which are simple and quick so that you can have something new to whip up in a short amount of time for yourself! Come on in and let us have some fun!
"Zenithia" Earrings
This tutorial will explain step by step how to make the "Zenithia" earrings. It requires basic knowledge on the technique of the herringbone .
Juliet Necklace
This beading tutorial will teach you how to create a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry using basic bead weaving techniques.
White Rose, Pearl and Crystal Bracelet
This bracelet and earrings set features cultured freshwater pearls paired with polymer clay roses, Swarovski crystal bicone beads and sterling silver findings. Techniques used include stringing, crimping, wire wraps and simple wire loops. The project is appropriate for those with advanced beginner skills or above.
Rainbow Bracelet
Skill level: some knowledge of basic Ndebele (Herringbone) stitch is recommended.
Semi Round Shape Beaded Ring
The project is based on right-angle weave (RAW). It is so-named because of the way the beads lie at right angles to one another. From this project, you will learn how to add rows, change direction of a weave and how to make dome-shaped ring.
Strawberry Charm
Learn to make a beaded charm with Strawberry Charm Beading Tutorial. The tutorial is suitable for beginners to intermediate level. You will learn to wave a beaded strawberry that you can use as charm or a pendant. If you followed this tutorial and then sell the accessory or jewelry, please give credit to the author or DIY Jewelry Making.
DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #42 (PDF)
Greetings my lovely and wonderful readers! In this month's jewelry magazine, we have stunning and elegant bridal jewelry tutorials ready for you to learn from! With these tutorials from DIY Jewelry Making Magazine, you will have your very own handmade bridal jewelry for either your own wedding or for your family members, relatives or friends! Have an exciting time with these bridal jewelry tutorials!
Pearl Necklace
This is a 3-page tutorial with lots of clear diagrams in PDF format to make seed beaded necklace using a netting stitch. It would take 7 - 10 hours to complete this necklace depending on your experience.
Eligea Earrings
Tutorial to play these earrings in weaving beads technique. You will receive a pdf file with instructions in English language and explicit pic.
Rome Necklace
Create your own elegant necklace, fun and easy to make. This tutorial needs to have some experience, know how to tie the knots and weave in your thread ends.
Bride Earrings
These stunning and exquisite earrings are very easy to make. They are beaded using peyote technique, but they will certainly leave the impression of a fine jewelry. These earrings will look great in all colors. They will decorate an evening gown and make you look very beautiful. The jewelry looks like a precious piece.
Boyce Pendant
In the tutorial you can find detailed step by step beading instructions with pictures. The pattern is made by my idea, if you buy it, please do not copy or resell, do not put it on forums,on blogs,on the internet.
Crystal Infinity Earrings
Crystal Infinity Earrings Pattern made by Agape Bijoux.
Netted Tiara Bicone Necklace
The highlight of this glamorous necklace is the extravagant tiara center. Netted stitch is used throughout to create the signature fishnet appearance. The crystal bicones and teardrops add sophistication!
Herringbone Weave Bracelet
Create your own elegant bracelet, fun and easy to make. Skill Level: Beginners – advancers. This tutorial needs to have some experience, know how to tie the knots and weave in your thread ends.
Vida Purple Necklace
This necklace was designed by Glenda of Dax Designs as part of the Fab Femme collection honoring women's rights campaigners.
Feather Necklace
You receive detailed beading tutorial for necklace with super duo beads, pearls and O-beads. The tutorial includes printable pattern and 24 pages with many pictures and explanations.
Pyramid Row Bracelet
The Pyramid Row bracelet is created by nestling 6mm Pyramid beads between two rows of Superduos. This spiked bracelet is sure to draw some attention on your wrist!
Down Memory Lane Bracelet
This beautiful bracelet is made using herringbone stitch and is for intermediate beaders.
Herringbone Ring
This tutorial will show you how to make an adjustable ring using herringbone technique. The tutorial has 17 pages, 23 steps and lots of pictures.
Ancient Jewelry
The name of this necklace literally translates as “Ancient Jewelry,” which is a reference to the antique cut beads used a focal points. Accompanying the antique cuts are superduos and seed beads in sizes 11/0 and 8/0.
Herringbone Mauve Pendant
3D wire wrapped herringbone pendant tutorial a must have for everyone addicted to wire wrapping. With 111 clear pictures, spread along 61 pages and 45 main steps, directions in this tutorial will be easy to follow. I also attached a few drawn sketches, just to make sure you get clear info about “how to”, while working.
DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #43 (PDF)
Hello everyone! In a blink of an eye, it's the middle of the year! How has 2016 been treating you? Hope all is well and peachy! To spice up your year further, we are bringing you jewelry tutorials that uses Herringbone! Now, you can do plenty with this technique. Explore this technique with this month's issue of DIY Jewelry Making Magazine!
DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #44 (PDF)
Do you hear that? Do you hear the jingly jangle of bracelets clinking against each other? Sounds of bangles, or cuffs, or bracelets are like music to our ears! To know that they help to beautify you and also to up your outfit of the day is just splendid and in this issue of DIY Jewelry Making Magazine, we have bracelet tutorials just for you!
Rain Forest Flora Bracelet
This is the PDF Digital tutorial for my original design, the "Rain Forest Flora" Bracelet. Take an imaginary trek through an Amazonian jungle and you’ll see the most interesting species of fauna and flora. The beaded portion of this bracelet reminds me of thick, heavy vines growing in abundance. One look at these colorful polymer clay tropical buds nestling inside bronze metal clay blossoms and I’m almost there! If you like immediate gratification, this is a fun mixed media project you can complete in a a few days! The pattern containing easy to follow step-by-step instructions accompanied by large full-color photos.
Maracesh Bracelet
I present the completion of this wonderful bracelet on 30 sides.Tutorial , 58 pictures. Highly detailed photographed sample. Step by step illustrated.
Filigree Bangle
This tutorial will show you how to make this delicate filigree gilt wire bangle with amethyst beads. The final measurements of the bangle are 23 cm x 4 cm (9 in x 1.6 in). The tutorial has 27 pages, 16 steps and lots of pictures.
Cathedral Windows
Bead weaving pattern to create a beautiful, unique bracelet with Rivolis and seed beads.
Knit Wire Modern Cuff Bracelet
Fully detailed PDF download tutorial to make a 1/2" knit wire ring with a column of 3 beads. This is a PDF file only, the actual ring is available for purchase in another listing.
Flowers Everywhere Bracelet
his is an intermediate project. Having a small amount of experience with wire is helpful. If you are a beginner in wire work you can still easily accomplish this project, all you need is to bring a little patience to the table.
Herringbone Stitch For Superdou Beads
n this pattern the duo beads are offset so that they mimic the pattern of herringbone brickwork. In this way they sit very closely together, forming an interlocking fabric. Note: Thread will show at the edges, so pick a matching colour, or add a picot edge.
Bridal Wave
Full size photos and easy to follow instructions will guide you through all the steps required to make this fabulous bracelet. You will be able to download the PDF File once your payment is complete Choose the suggested white with silver beads or play with a variety of colors to suit your personality. or mood.


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