Honey Earrings
Tutorial Difficulty: Beginner/ Intermediate Technique Used: Soutache Embroidery
l73 Cherry Bangle Jewelry
Make a simple bangle with rich red pearls looking likes yummy cherries on parade! The tutorial is catered for confident beginners or anyone who loves to learn this basic wirework technique. It has in-depth instructions and ultra-clear, close-up photos at each step. Additionally, you can ask me question you have on the tutorial. No more getting stuck and frustrated on a confusing or just plain inaccurate pattern.
l74 Sunshine Hoop Earrings
I am sure that these pair of earrings will make you smile. They're like sunshine; bright, sunny and will make you feel happy. The earrings when finished is approximately 32mm in diameter, just perfect as hoop earrings. You can also apply the techniques you will learn with different size of closed rings, in case you want your hoop earrings bigger.
l75 Baby Blue Eyes Dangle Earrings
Combine wirework and beadweaving and you can create awesome jewelry pieces like the Baby Blue Eyes flowers. Yes, they're color blue flowers, just like the pearls and seedbeads used to create the earrings.
l76 Paint It Red Chandelier Earrings
Want to have a new piece of earrings in a matter of minutes? Well, this tutorial will teach you how to make loops and curves as simple as 1, 2, 3 that you can connect to create chandelier earrings. Match the color of pearls with your outfit or use pearls in flashing red color!
l77 Lucky Stud Earrings
They say horseshoe is for luck so here's a pair of earrings, hoping will give you luck when it comes to fashion! Creating the earrings will teach you how to shape wires, wrap and create ear studs.
l78 Crystal Treasure Hoop Earrings
Learn to create your own hoop earring frame; hang crystals or gems to add some spark and glitter! The tutorial is catered for intermediate level. One must know basic Circular Brickstitch and picots to follow the tutorial. It has clear instructions and ultra-clear, close-up photos at each step. Additionally, you can ask me question you have on the tutorial. No more getting stuck and frustrated on a confusing or just plain inaccurate pattern.
l79 Atomic Ring
Have fun making shapes using the wigjig Cyclops. Make loops going in circles to mimic the shape of a flower, or in this tutorial, mimic the shape of an atom. The tutorial will also teach you how to cage a cabochon. What's nice about this piece is that with one long wire, you can create the ring from start to finish.
l80 Caged Cabochon Earrings
We have seen caged beads, pearls or any rounded beads with holes, but in this tutorial we'll teach you how to cage cabochons that quickly you can turn into earrings. You can apply this technique on any size of cabochon or any type of flat back dome shape beads.
l52 Ebony & Ivory Bracelet
Weaving with shaped beads and 2-holed beads is fun. You can form them into different shapes, such as diamonds like what we showed in this tutorial. Using Herringbone Stitch you can weave brick beads and create a diamond shape. Since the center of the diamond is flat, it is a nice base for embellishments and layering. Consider one diamond as a component that you can also use as earrings. Black and white is a matching color. Add a dash of bronze to give your Ebony & Ivory bracelet a flare.
Soutache Bracelet "Colorado"
I show you how to create this gorgeous bracelet with the soutache technique. Skill Level: Beginner, intermediate, advanced Contents: * List of materials * Step-by-step instructions with colour pictures
Rebecca Earrings
This tutorial will teach you how to make the new Rebecca Earrings. You will receive 25 pages of a completely renewed PDF file with detailed step by step written instructions, pictures and material needed.
Mosaic Pendant Rainbow Fish
Tutorial is to learn how to make the Fish pendant. You can learn the basic principles of creating jewelry in the mosaic technique without soldering. For making this pendant you can use any beads of different colors and shapes.
Owl Earrings and Pendants
DIY - Make your own paper quilled earrings and pendants! This .pdf tutorial has all the instructions you need to make four different designs, with extra instructions on how to make each design in multiple sizes!
DIY Beading Magazine #31 (PDF)
Want a hand with something different? We have this month tutorials of creative shapes! These tutorials are bound to tickle your creative side and get you pumped up to take on any challenge! We bring to you this month's issue creative shapes for jewelry making and also tips on how to price your handmade jewelry pieces for profit! Have fun with jewelry making so that you can have many interesting designs to share with the world. Let us continue to make wonderful and amazing jewelry pieces together! Contains 9 jewerly making tutorials.
l82 Floating Gem Earrings
Round Flat Back Sew On Gems are inexpensive materials. They are usually for sewing but you can also use them for jewelry making. The Floating Gem Hoop Earrings is a simple idea how you can use these types of gems. The gems has holes, making it easier to attach, hang or wire wrap.
l83 Jade Necklace
Every time I wear a necklace I always make it a point that the necklace will lay perfectly flat on my neck. Using wire for a necklace made it possible for me, like what I did with Jade Necklace. It may look odd at first, having bent wires for a necklace but once the jewelry is finished, you'll be so happy how the necklace will perfectly lay on your neck.
l84 Flowers & Spirals Earrings
Here's a simple idea how you can use spirals and wire flower shapes to make cute earrings! The tutorial is catered for confident beginners who at least knows very basic knowledge on how to make loops and spirals. It has clear instructions and ultra-clear, close-up photos at each step. Additionally, you can ask me question you have on the tutorial. No more getting stuck and frustrated on a confusing or just plain inaccurate pattern.
l85 Florets Wire Bracelet
Wear a bracelet that's simple, yet elegant looking and something that can easily be created in different colors. The Florets Wire Bracelet is a where you'll learn how to make a circle frame to house a round gem. The sides are wire wrapped pearls that created a flower and added that feminine look. With black and white combination the bracelet really looks elegant!
l86 Soaring Heart Earrings
Learn to create a beautiful earring frame using the wigjig tool. Make a few loops from left to right, and going up and down, and in just a minute you'll have an earring frame that you can use to hang gems, beads and crystals. The tutorial is catered for beginners. It has in-depth instructions and ultra-clear, close-up photos at each step. Additionally, you can ask me question you have on the tutorial. No more getting stuck and frustrated on a confusing or just plain inaccurate pattern.
l87 Divine Pendant
Using a wigjig tool is so much fun! With the Divine Pendant you'll learn how to create continuous teardrop shapes with wire embellished with pearls and then shaped into a triangle. The tutorial is suited for intermediate to advance level. One must already know how to wire-wrap and should be comfortable working with wires. It has in-depth instructions and ultra-clear, close-up photos at each step. Additionally, you can ask me question you have on the tutorial. No more getting stuck and frustrated on a confusing or just plain inaccurate pattern.
l88 Funky Chainmail Bracelet
To some, chainmail look so manly but here's something where chainmail can be funky and stylish! Learn to combine chainmail and leather to make a bracelet that can be both for men and women.
Liberty Earrings
Diagram PDF with images step by step for the realization of earrings "Liberty". Materials used: Delica 11/0 Cabochon oval Superduo Daggers Rocailles 11/0, 15/0, 8/0 Pearls 4 mm
Something Blue Necklace and Earring Tutorial
Through this tutorial I am showing you how to create these gorgeous pieces of art jewelry. DIMENSIONS OF THE NECKLACE: Inner Circumference : 14 1/8 inch // 35 cm Focal Pendant Width : 1 1/5 inch // 3.5 cm Focal Pendant Height : 1 1/5 inch // 3.5 cm DIMENSIONS OF THE EARRING: Earring Width: 7/16 inch // 1.2 cm Earring Height : 15/16 inch // 2.5 cm (Without the earring hook.) PROJECT DETAILS Project Difficulty : Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Techniques Used : RAW
LOVE-ly Ear studs
Cute wire-wrapped heart-shaped earrings. Learn how to make them step-by-step. Pages: 16 Steps: 24 Level: Easy - Intermediate With pictures and written instructions (English).
DIY Beading Magazine #32 (PDF)
It’s a new month and are you craving for something more in your jewelry style? Then it is the righ time as we have jewelry tutorials that will not be out of fashion! Come and learn with us in style and luxury! In this new issue of DIY Beading Magazine, we will unleash the beauty of gemstones and crystals just for you! Ready to be the centre of attention with your sparkles? Now is the time to get noticed with gemstones and crystals with that hint of personal touch! Contains 8 jewerly making tutorials.
K10 Embellished Puffy Bracelet Beading & Jewelry Making Tutorial
I absolutely love designs that look intricate but are simple in design. This bracelet jewelry making tutorial has a narrow cuff design but is embellished to look intricate and sophisticated. It combines both a square look and circular weave to it, making it suitable for any affair.
K8 Woven Cuff Bracelet Beading & Jewelry Making Tutorial
Bangles are a big thing, especially in the summer, but not everyone likes the feel of a hard bangle but enjoys the look of one on their wrist. I prefer a bracelet closer to my wrist than what a normal bangle would afford me, I work in a place where it can get too easily caught on something and so a woven cuff provides me with the perfect solution. Wide bangle look without the worry of snagging.
Leather Rose Ring
Lovely Leather Rose Ring Learn how to make one step by step. Pages: 14 Steps: 17 Level: Medium With pictures and written instructions (English).
DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #33 (PDF)
In this month’s issue, we are proud to present to you the wonders of leather and chains. You do much wonders with these mediums. So are you ready for some amazing jewelry tutorials and designs? Then what are you waiting for? Let us dive into these amazing tutorials and start making ourselves some beautiful jewelry! Contains 8 jewerly making tutorials.
DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #34 (PDF)
Are you excited for another array of jewelry making tutorials? Then let us bring to you some macrame, and also some spider pendants and other beaded jewelry tutorials for you to make! Try out macrame and you can infuse it with your beads and you would get amazing pieces of jewelry! Also Halloween is coming soon, so let's get started preparing for it! Have some fun in our latest issue of macrame and beaded jewelry tutorials! Contains 8 jewelry making tutorials.
Baroque Choker Necklace
For this tutorial I have used 0.85 mm thick Thai waxed cord. It is advisable to use a cord with a simlar thickness. Thicker or thinner cords change the number of knots that make up the bezel.
Two Tone Bracelet Tutorial
Learn to make a wire bracelet with Two Tone Bracelet Tutorial. The tutorial is suitable for beginner to intermediate skill level.
Wire Wrapped Hammered Cuff
Learn how to make a cuff with round beads and wire wrapping.
Beaded Fringe Bracelet
This crochet pattern gives detailed directions to make bead crochet bracelets like the ones above. Tutorial is in PDF form. --American Standard terms used. All instructions are written out and photos are included for detail. - I walk you through crocheting the beads on as well. Only basic crochet knowledge is necessary. - The cuff portion of the bracelet can be made any length you want. The tutorial gives instructions on how to determine the number of beads needed for the length you want. The bracelet is designed with loops at either end through which you can thread any ribbon for a bracelet that will fit most wrists. A second closure option using rings and a clasp is given in the tutorial as well.
Lilian Bracelet
This is a pattern only, not an actual item. This tutorial shows how to make this beautiful beaded bracelet. Level intermediate
Crystal Nile Bracelet
This is a tutorial pattern in PDF format. You are not purchasing the Crystal Nile cuff with this listing. A pretty cuff with as much movement, flow and sparkle as the River Nile, made with crystal rondelles, Kheops® Par Puca® beads, ‘O’ beads and SuperDuos, using a two-needle method to make it easier.
Persian Tile Bracelet
INTERMEDIATE Right Angle Weave, Peyote and Picot stitch Bead Weaving pattern Small Beaded Tiles with 3D detail in the centre of each tile make up this textured and unusual cuff. 18cm long - quick and easy to make.
DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #35 (PDF)
We bring you an array of beautiful bracelet tutorials for you in this month's issue of DIY Jewelry Making Magazine! With these tutorials, you will be able to paint the night red and have a wonderful statement jewelry piece to pair with your outfit! Be prepared to put together these awesome bracelets and have them in your jewelry collection today! Contains 8 jewelry making tutorials.
Glitz Ring
I created this ring as I wanted a real show stopping sparkling knuckle duster! Loads of crystals grab the light and bling up your hand. Suitable for all levels of beaders.
DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #36 (PDF)
Christmas is coming and here are some beautiful tutorials for you to add to your Christmas Day decorations! From jewelry to ornaments for your Christmas tree! Come and learn to make these beautiful Christmas themed items and be a proud owner of beautiful Christmas jewelry and a well decorated home! Let's get started on preparing for Christmas! Contains 8 jewelry making tutorials.
Christmas Time Cabochons
Make yourself an unique Christmas set or play with your favorite colors! If not for the holidays coming up, then for any occassion you can have. You will definitely be noticed wearing it. Pattern consists in 8 pages with pictures step by step. A project that requires a minimum familiarity with the basic techniques but it could also be an excellent occasion for beginners eager to prove themselves.
Starry Stars Xmas
This listing is for one downloadable PDF Tutorial to make a Starry star and learn how to make beaded Xmas stars. They can be used to make earrings, bracelets, necklaces or Xmas tree decorations - let your imagination run wild. Four versions of the stars are included in the tutorial.
Snowmen on Parade
I love the WINTER time. Every little thing about it. A fireplace with a nice crackling log, a cup of hot Chai tea and the snow. I especially love SNOWMEN. I love to collect them and each year I bring out the TROOPS...my many, many SNOWFOLKS come to roost for a season! Here is a grouping of little creatures all decked out in their dotted caps and striped scarves! I JUST LOVE IT!
Crystal Blue Snowflakes
I used some awesome size 15/0 silver lined crystal seeds for the top and bottom trim. To do the 3-bead picot trim, simply pick up 3 seeds and go into the next Delica bead. Repeat this across the top and the bottom of your bracelet. This step is optional.
Beaded Angel
Learn to create a Beaded Angel!
Peacock Necklace
Create a special beadwork necklace which contains: Kheops, Pips, Superduos, Rulla beads and Japanese seed beads. This unique necklace was named by me : "Peacock" - because of the colors which remind me a Peacock.
Purple Superdou Earrings
Earrings tutorial with superduo beads for begginers. This PDF tutorial includes detailed step by step fully illustrated instructions and many pictures.
Bromelia Earrings
This tutorial will show you how to make a pair of Bromelia earrings using Czechmates triangle beads, superduo beads, Swarovski bicones and Swarovski rivolis; with detailed descriptions and pictures of each step.
Harlequin Bangle
Learn to make a beautiful bangle with Superdou and seedbeads!


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